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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth

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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth. I do my best to make an M is For Mental Health, Wellness & Groth video every Monday! You can help by Liking this video and Subscribing!

I don’t think there is anything more valuable than social skills, and I feel the only way to develop them is through experience when a person is young. For those of us who deal with invisible disabilities Such as ADHD, Autism & other Learning Disabilities. Our parents often feel a need to protect us in a way that keeps us from experiencing and developing our social skills.

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It Looks Like Anthony Joshua Will Get His Rematch Against Andy Ruiz As Planed

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It Looks Like Anthony Joshua Will Get His Rematch Against Andy Ruiz As Planed. Unless something happens and with boxing, you never know. The Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz rematch on December 7the will take place in Saudi Arabia. As you might recall Ruiz who upset Joshua in June was resistant to the location of the rematch.
Regardless of where the rematch takes place, it may give us the answers to some unanswered questions from the first fight.

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Making A Case For Sports Therapy For Invisible Disabilities!

Making A Case For Sports Therapy For Invisible Disabilities! In my life dealing with my own invisible disabilities. I fell nothing has helped me more then physical exercise and participation in sports. It has helped to improve my eye-hand coordination, and how to work with others. What kind of sports do I think are best for someone like myself? I really like team sports like football, basketball, soccer, water polo, baseball or volleyball for example. When it comes to individual sports. I think combat sports like boxing or MMA. Since when you train you to work with a partner. However, at the end of the day, the best sport is the one you or your kid will willingly participate in.

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Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz Rematch Announced, But Not Agreed On!

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Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz Rematch Announced, But Not Agreed On!
Back in June Andy Ruiz Jr. Shocked the world and upset Anthony Joshua to win the WBA, WBO & IBF Heavyweight Championships. His contract had a rematch clause that favored than champion Joshua.
It was announced by Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing that the rematch will take place on December 7th in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. However, despite the rematch clause, Ruiz has not agreed to these terms. The question is who has the most leverage? Joshua has the contract that Ruiz agreed to, Ruiz has 3 of 4 Heavyweight Championships. Who has the most to lose? If Ruiz refuses the current terms?
I am of the opinion that one way or another Joshua is fighting on Dec 7th in Saudi Arabia.with at least one if not all three of the A Heavyweight Championships he lost to Ruiz in June on the line. If it’s not against Ruiz don’t be surprised if it’s against Oleksandr Usyk who is the¬†#1¬†contender with the WBO and a Matchroom fighter.
If Ruiz holds his position. He is promoted through the PBC and as long as Deontay Wilder wins his rematches with Luis Ortiz & Tyson Fury. He should get a shot at WBC Champion Wilder.

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Regis Prograis Pulls Out Of World Boxing Super Series!

Regis Prograis Pulls Out Of World Boxing Super Series! Prograis the WBA 140 pound champion was set to face Josh Taylor who holds the IBF championship at 140 in the finals of the World Boxing Super Series. Has pulled out of the competition. The scheduled unification bout was expected to take place in October. In July Jose Ramirez added the WBO championship to his WBC championship. Ideally, the winner of Prograis & Taylor would have faced Ramirez for the undisputed championship at 140. That is now on hold.

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I Lost My Glasses A Short True Life Story

I Lost My Glasses A short True Life Story. On the way to the gym. I was wearing my sunglasses and placed my prescription glasses in the pocket I also keep my phone in. My guess is that when I took my phone out to check the time my glasses fell out and I did not notice. I really liked those frames, as a matter of fact, I just had an eye exam and was having new lenses made for them. There is a silver lining. If that’s the right term to use here. A few years back someone left a pair of glasses lying around my home. After talking to my housemates no one could figure out who they belonged to. I liked those frames and used them for my next pair of glasses. I hope that someone found my glasses yesterday and is putting them to good use for themselves. So I am without glasses for a week or two. Unless I misplaced them in my room somehow.

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What’s next for Keith Thurman After Losing to Manny Pacquiao? Thurman will take a bit of a step back, but I don’t expect it to be that big of a step back. I don’t see an immediate rematch happening. Maybe there will be a rematch sometime down the line? He won’t get the best of the best like the winner of Errol Spence & Shawn Porter, or Terence Crawford. This being said I don’t see Thurman taking a big step down. I fell that the loser of Errol Spence & Shawn Porter could likely be his next opponent. Other possibilities include Danny Garcia, Mikey Garcia, Yordenis Ugas & Sergey Lipinets.

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Coming off his big win over Keith Thurman. What’s next for Future Hall Of Fame boxer Manny Pacquiao Don’t count on Pacquiao or any PBC promoted boxer to be in the same ring with Terence Crawford anytime soon. However, he still ha plenty of options. I believe that the PBC is going to match Manny Pacquiao up with the winner of Errol Spence Jr & Shawn Porter who fight to unify the IBF & WBC welterweight championships scheduled for September. If that falls through. Pacquiao has other options within the PBC. Mikey Garcia & Danny Garcia have the most appeal, but there is also Yordenis Ugas and Sergey Lipinets. What about a rematch with Floyd Mayweather? I think that if it happens it is likely to be next. I think that if Mayweather wants to make the fight now is the time to do it. I really don’t think Pacquiao beats Spence, and despite coming off a win over Thurman. I’m not sure he beats Porter either.

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Everyone Needs To Fell Loved! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth Season 1 Episode 1

Everyone Needs To Fell Loved! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth Season 1 Episode 1 Feeling loved is a human need. Not feeling loved leads to depressed feelings which leads to a lot of other issues. I fell that as adults we make other adults fell loved by saying and doing nice things. A simple “I love you” to another adult goes a long way. However, when it comes to children. Saying and doing nice things is something you should still do. It’s not how you make them feel loved. So How do you make children feel loved? By being supportive and encouraging. By allowing them to learn, grow and develop into the best version of themselves than can be.

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M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth Introduction Season 1 Episode 0

M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth Introduction Season 1 Episode 0. I fell there is a lot of bad information when it comes to helping those of us who experience what is often referred to as “Invisible Disabilities”. Such as Some of the challenges that are on the Autistic Spectrum, ADHD and some Learning Disabilities. I fell this bad information is very harmful to those of us who live with these challenges. So this is my introduction video for what at least for now I am calling M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth. My aim is to put a new video out every Monday hence the M is for part of the title.

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What’s Next For Jermall Charlo & Demetrius Andrade ?/The State Of The Middleweight Division

What’s Next For Jermall Charlo & Demetrius Andrade?/The State Of The Middleweight Division. Jermall Charlo & Demetrius Andrade both made hometown defenses of their shares of the middleweight championship. In Houston, Texas Charlo beat Brandon Adams and in Providence, Rhode Island. Andrade beat Maciej Sulecki. Can either of them get a matchup with either Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin? If you like this video, Please Hit The Like Button & Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy on YouTube.

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The NBA IS Considering Shorting The Season!

The NBA IS Considering Shorting The Season! Please go to the Sports Talk With Troy Facebook page to cast your vote.

Should the NBA reduce its schedule by about 30%? I am not the biggest fan of the idea. I think as fans we just have to accept load management. However, whatever the NBA does. As Fans We will just have to accept. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy on YouTube