My Eclipse Viewing Experience

Published on Aug 21, 2017

My Eclipse Viewing Experience. I went to the top of the parking structure of my apartment building to view the eclipse of 2017. Not wanting to be in the sun for two straight hours I went back to my apartment to fill my water bottle and but on some sun screen, with an hour before the total eclipse. When I had gotten back up . They kicked everyone off. I’m not really sure why. I went back to my
apartment with the intention of going back up to see the total eclipse. However I miss timed things and missed it. What I did get to see was amazing. I feel fortunate to have been able to experience as much of the eclipse as I was able to.…


About This Channel

Published on Aug 9, 2017

About This Channel
Please bare with me as I try to explain why I made this channel, and what kind of content I make for my channel .…
Ring Talk With Troy:I may or may not be an expert. I’ll let you decide, but I am a longtime fan with an informed and knowledgeable opinion.
My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience: My opinions based on My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience
Cosplay Slideshow/Convention Experience: Convention photos, videos & vlogs.
Troy’s Life Vlog: My Life Vlog a (almost) daily vlog. Sharing my life and interests.
My Fitness Goals: Videos in which I attempt and/or talk about a fitness benchmark.

Vasyl Lomachenko Makes Miguel Marriaga Quit

Published on Aug 6, 2017

Vasyl Lomachenko Makes Miguel Marriaga Quit Vasyl Lomachenko defends his WBO super featherweight championship. When Miguel Marriaga quits in his corner after the seventh round. It was the third fight in a row for Lomachenko that he has won by corner stoppage. The previous two bouts being against Nicholas Walters and Jason Sosa. Personally I think it’s very impressive when a boxer can make his opponent quit or convince his corner that he’s had enough between rounds. Lomachenko moves to 9 wins to 1 loss with 7 ko’s .
Was Miguel Marriaga the most ideal opponent? Of course not. He’s not a bum either, and it does hurt that he was coming off a loss from a weight class down. Would I have liked to see him fighting Guillermo Rigondeaux, Orlando Salido or Gervonta Davis? Of course I would have. It does have an affect on my opinion of Lomachenko’s performance. I thought it was very good, but all things considered. I can’t call it great.
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My Vegan Experiment Is Now Over

Published on Jul 30, 2017

My Vegan Experiment Is Now Over. With the information that a vegan diet might be the healthiest diet. I decided that during July I would embark on an vegan diet experiment. (I’ve made other videos about the experience). What I have discovered is that a full time vegan diet is not right for me. I think it’s true that a diet that is mostly plant/whole grain/nut/been based. Is the healthiest. However (keep in mind I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I’m just going by my own experience.) . 1. I don’t fell healthier 2. My weight has gone slightly up (not the desired effect) 3. I am either having a bowel movement or fell like I need too. 4. I am constantly passing gas.
All this being said the official end came by accident. I forgot that a meal I routinely order after some of my doctor appointments has cheddar cheese in it.
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Why? I Make My Videos The Way I Do

Published on Jul 19, 2017

Why?: I Make My Videos The Way I Do. The newest video in my Why? series. I explain why I make my videos in multiple segments rather than one take. Hopefully I am creating a somewhat unique viewing experience. It also helps me reduce my frequency of a speech and communication disorder or fluency disorder called Cluttering.

My Vegan Challenge

Published on Jul 16, 2017

My Vegan Challenge. A few months ago I had a health scare. I was being tested for two kinds of cancer. Bone and lung. Thankfully all my tests came back negative. During this time I started researching what or if any diet would help me fight. Just incase I had to. My research told me that a diet made up of vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. With a major reduction of or even elimination of meat and other animal products. Was the best way to go. I didn’t go ful vegan, and shortly after my tests came back. I started reintroducing some of the foods I ate before. I did so because I was felling depressed. The truth is the reintroduction helped fight my depression. Although I fell mental and physical health are related. Sometimes an act that is good for one is not good for the other.
I felt that maybe i should give the whole vegan thing a try for a month. Right now I’m halfway through. I’m dealing with the same mental health issues, and more research shows going full vegan while healthy. May or may not be the healthiest diet. I might not be getting enough vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and zinc. As well as vitamin D. I am taking supplements to help out. I’ve been tempted to break the test, and at this point have no plans to continue the diet after the month.…

Is the Gym Open On Saturday? Troy’s Life Vlog #41

Published on Jul 8, 2017

It’s Saturday and for the summer. I have access to the Gym at the University of Oregon, which is much nicer than the gym in my apartment building. However, because it’s the weekend I wasn’t sure if it would be open.
Did a quick warm up on the indoor track, fallowed by some pull ups with leg raises, simulated sledgehammer on a weight machine, did some kettle ball work. Finished with an agility ladder drill.…