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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Richard Commey In April?

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Richard Commey In April? Richard Commey scored a 2nd round stoppage win over Isa Chaniev to win the IBF lightweight championship. As well as a likely April match up with WBA & WBO lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko.There have been reports of the WBC wanting Loma to take on their top contender Anthony Crolla. However, unless a hand injury suffered by Commey in his very impressive victory over Chaniev keeps the IBF champion out of action. Which by all reports is unlikely so expect to see Commey get his shot against Lomachenko in April Please Help Me Grow Sports Talk With Troy By Subscribing!


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Vasiliy Lomachenko beat Jose Pedraza to add the WBO lightweight championship to his WBA lightweight championship. So what is next for Lomachenko? Will he face the winner of a possible Richard Commey/Isa Chaniev fight for the IBF championship? I personally fell his options at lightweight are limited and will need Alberto Machado, Gervonta Davis & Miguel Berchelt to move up from super featherweight. He may need to move up in weight sooner rather than later. That includes for a possible matchup with Mikey Garcia. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy! YouTubeLink It really helps me grow and sustain the channel. Including better equipment!

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Terence Crawford Vasyl Lomachenko Who’s #1 (June 2018)

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Terence Crawford Vasyl Lomachenko Who’s #1 (June 2018). In the wake of Floyd Mayweather’s retirement. Two boxers have emerged as the new kings of the sport. Leaving what I fell is a large gap between them and the rest of the sport. The first is Terence Crawford of Omaha, Nebraska. Over the past 2 years, 5-0 with 4 stoppage wins. He became the undisputed champion at 140 and just won a championship at 147. The other is Vasyl Lomachenko The 2 time Olympic Gold medalist from Ukraine has put together a 6-0 mark all stoppages over the last two years. 5 defenses of a championship at 130 and winning one at 135. All 11 combined performances by Bud and Loma have been masterclasses. Each and everyone against very good and very capable opponents. When you take into account the quality of their opposition & how they performed against them. I just don’t see an argument for anyone else.

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Is Vasyl Lomachenko An ATG?

Is Vasyl Lomachenko An ATG? When he stopped Jorge Linares in the 10th round to become WBA lightweight champion. Vasyl Lomachenko won his third world championship in three weight classes. That in and in its self is an accomplishment. The fact that he did it in fewer fights than anyone else is even more of an accomplishment. Does this mean that after just 12 professional boxing matches Lomachenko is among the all-time greats?

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Vasyl Lomachenko TKO 10 Jorge Linares! (Fastest Ever To 3 World Championships)!

Vasyl Lomachenko TKO 10 Jorge Linares! (Fastest Ever To 3 World Championships)! By stopping Jorge Linares in the 10th round Vasyl Lomachenko becomes the WBA lightweight champion. It is Lomachenko’s third championship in just 12 fights. Making him the fastest to gain as many championships in the fewest number of fights. Linares a talented boxer from Venezuela had his moments including a knockdown in the sixth round. However, Lomachenko set up and landed a liver shot in the 10th round to win the fight. Please Subscribe! It truly helps me grow Sports Talk With Troy. I don’t at this point feel comfortable asking for funding from my viewers (Such as Patreon). The future sure, but not now. However money does help in going to events in the future, new equipment, etc, etc, This is where Brave comes into play by using this Referral Link To Download Brave (Free Web Browser). They will send me $5 in the form of their Basic Attention Token at no cost to you. (Every little bit helps)

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Errol Spence Jr & Vasyl Lomachenko Are They Top 10 Pound For Pound?

Errol Spence Jr & Vasyl Lomachenko Are They Top 10 Pound For Pound?. I think they both are worthy of being ranked in the top 10. In this video I try to explain why I think Errol Spence Jr & Vasyl Lomachenko Are 10 Pound for Pound Boxers
Top 10 Pound For Pound Boxers October 2017 Based on my opinion of quality of opposition and level of performance. Over the past two years. (October 1, 2015-October 1, 2017) 1. Terence Crawford: Crawford is my number one pound for pound boxer. Every pound for pound list including this one is subjective. However over the past two years I just can’t see an argument that would make me consider anyone else as the best boxer in the world. Not everyone he’s fought are A+ world beaters (What I call career definers), but they have at least met the minimum requirement to be in a championship match. I would say his fights with both Viktor Postol and Julius Indongo were indeed career definers. He’s also been one of the most active champion with 6 fights in the time frame. Here is why he has separated himself from the rest of the pack. In the six fights he has had in the past two years. He has been absolutely dominate. No boxer can say they have fought as high a level of competition, or has been as dominant as he has been. 2. Keith Thurman: This pick might come as a surprise. This is a case of quality over quantity. Thurman has wins over Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia. This list is subject to my subjective opinion of their performances in the ring. I fell both fights were competitive fights. However I fell Thurman clearly won both times. 3. Gennady Golovkin** : Lets get this out of the way. While the fight was officially a draw. I scored the fight between Golovkin and Alvarez 8-4 for GGG. If he was given the nod over Canelo officially. I probably would have moved GGG over Thurman. I won’t try to tell you he has an all time great resume even over the past two years. However it’s better than his hatters will tell you it is. 4. Saul Alvarez**: I had Canelo at #3 and pretty much a 2b with Thurman in my last rankings. After the GGG fight I couldn’t keep him at 2b. I thought GGG won the fight so I had to move him over Canelo. 5. Andre Ward* . Ward is officially retired. However he has been active over the past two years. If this was a career resume list he would rank higher. I am going to be blunt. He should have dominated Sergey Kovalev in their first fight. I don’t think the talent level between the two is that close. Yes Kovalev was the #2 or 3 guy at light heavyweight. I happen to fell that Ward should have made a rematch unnecessary. I also fell that at the time of the stoppage in the second fight. Ward was pulling away, but it was still close in my opinion at the time. Ward’s win over Sullivan Barrera is looking better and better all the time. Alexander Brand might be the least qualified opponent for anyone on this list. 6.Vasyl Lomachenko: Before fighting Miguel Marriaga who is a decent boxer, but was coming off a loss. I felt Lomachenko had a three fight run that was almost as good as what Crawford has been doing. Before that he fought Romulo Koasicha that also doesn’t help his case. However he moved up to face Roman Martinez and won a championship. Nicholas Walters was supposed to be able to beat him. Jason Sosa had defended his championship in his previous fight. Even though he ws not champion when they fought. He did not lose it in the ring. 7. Anthony Joshua: It’s not just his win over Wladimir Klitschko that has earned a pound for pound ranking for AJ. I also think Dominic Breazeale is the real thing and Dillian Whyte has some solid wins since their fight. 8. Mikey Garcia: Garcia has wins over the than unbeaten Dejan Zlaticanin and the talented Adrien Broner. 9. Errol Spence Jr. Going in to their fight there were plenty of people who felt that Kell Brook was the best welterweight in the world. Spence went in to his hometown to beat him. While Chris Algieri and Leonard Bundu might not be A+ world beaters, and neither fight was for a championship. They are both quality boxers. 10.. Wisaksil Wangek (Srisaket Sor Rungvisai): His first win over Roman Gonzalez was questionable. However in the second fight he left no doubt. *Retired, but active the past two years. ** I had GGG beating Canelo 8-4 and my rankings reflect this.
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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux December 9th 2017!

Published on Aug 24, 2017
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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux December 9th 2017!
On December 9th 2017 Vasyl ( Hi-Tech) Lomachenko will defend his WBO super featherweight championship. In a highly anticipated bout with super bantamweight standout and WBA champion Guillermo (El Chacal ) Rigondeaux.
Lomachenko & Rigondeaux are two of the spots best boxers. Each skilled at creating angles. So that they can hit but be in position where their opponents can’t hit them back. While the fight will be intriguing to hard core boxing fans. It might not have the broad appeal that we’d like to think it will. The fight will be about creating angles, and smart punch selection for both Lomachenko & Rigondeaux. It won’t be the “Action Packed” “Blood and Guts” fight that will always have more appeal to a broader audience
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Miguel Berchelt vs Takashi Miura Fight Review Can Anyone Beat Vasyl Lomachenko?

Published on Jul 16, 2017

Miguel Berchelt vs Takashi Miura Fight Review. Miguel Berchelt wins a 12 round decision over Takashi Miura to retain his WBC super featherweight championship. Berchelt out boxed Mura from the outside. Knocking him dow in the first round. Mura lnded some good body shots. That hurt Berchelt, but they were not enough to impact the fight. On the HBO brodcast Jezreel Corrales won a technical decision after 9 rounds and :30 into the 10th round over Robinson Castellanos to retain his WBA championship at super featherweight.
Would either Berchelt or Corrales beat WBO super featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko. Who stands at the top of the division?
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My video on the Sullivan Barrera/Joe Smith Jr fight on the broadcast.…

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Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux Loma Holds All The Cards

Published on Dec 1, 2016

In the negotiations of a possible fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux. Lomachenko holds all not most of the cards in setting the terms of the fight.
It’s not about talent. It’s about name recognition or their Brand. Lomachenko has done more to build his Brand than Rigondeaux has done.
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Vasyl Lomachenko KO 5 Roman Martinez Wins WBO Super Featherweight Champinship

Vasyl (Hi-Tech) Lomachenko dominates Roman (Rocky) Martinez, on route to a devastating fifth round knockout. To become the WBO Super Featherweight champion of the world.Lomachenko was able to stay in the pocket. Using footwork work and head movement to hit and not be hit, before lowering the boom with a great right hook in the fifth round to end the fight.
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