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Trip To Arizona! 2019

I have been neglecting to post here so I am backlogged with videos from my YouTube Channels! Arizona Trip! I flew down from Oregon to Arizona where my Dad and Step Mom are Snow Birds. People from cold weather states who go to Arizona in the winter. They have a house near Tuscon. Kartchner Caverns State Park does not allow any backpacks, cameras, etc, etc to be taken inside the caverns, so the photo you see is from Wikimedia Commons. All the rest of the photos are by me. Also visited Tombstone the site of the Shoot Out At The Ok Corral, A copper mining tour, The Titian Missle Museum and Biosphere 2.

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Kumoricon 2018 Cosplay Day 3

Kumoricon 2018 Cosplay Day 3

Kumoricon 2018 Cosplay Day 3 Cosplay photos from day 3 of Kumoricon held at the Oregon Convention Center. In Portland Oregon. October 26-28. #kumoricon #cosplay #kumoriconcosplay #kumoricon2018

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Kumoricon 2018 Cosplay & Vlog Day 2!

From October I’m trying to get caught up.

Cosplay photos and vlog from Kumoricon 2018 Day 2! At The Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon.





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Lvl Up Expo 2018 Cosplay Day 3

Lvl Up Expo 2018 Cosplay Day 3. Cosplay photos and a little bit of a vlog at the end. From Sunday, May 6th, 2018 at Lvl Up Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Please Subscribe It really helps me grow the Channel! Another way you can support this channel is to use this referral link and download Brave to your computer.

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WizardWorld 2018 Portland Cosplay and Vlog Sunday.

Cosplay Photos and Vlog from day 3 Sunday of WizardWorld Comic Con in Portland Oregon. Thank you for allowing me to take your photograph. If you spot yourself. Please let me know in the commit section. Please help my channel grow by Liking, Sharing, and of course Subscribing!

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USC vs Arizona Football Game Trip With My Dad

USC/Arizona Football Game Trip. The Case Of The Missing Pilot. Flying down form Portland PDX to Los Angeles LAX. To see the USC/Arizona football game. USC won the game 49-35. It was my first USC football game since 2004. At halftime USC inducted its newest Hall of Fame Class. Including Traveler (long overdue) and Troy Polamalu We drove from Eugene to Portland, (The day before my Dad drove from Bend in central Oregon to Eugene) to catch a flight that would have gotten us to LA around 3:003:30. We get on the airplane. When the First Officer announces the pilot is still in Seattle. There was snow in Seattle so what should have been a 30-45 minute wait turned into a five hour delay. We were planing on having dinner with my Aunt and Uncle (my Dad’s sister), and I was planing on meeting up with a friend, but we got in too late.