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Is Tom Brady The Answer For The Chargers?

Is Tom Brady The Answer For The Chargers? I may or May Not Be An Expert But I am A Long Time Fan With An Informed & Knlodgable Opinion Who Likes talking about Sports! Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy By Subscribing To My YouTube Channel!

Since leaving San Diego in 2017 for Los Angeles (Tecnacaly Carson) The Chargers have struggled to build a fan base. While The Rams who moved back from St. Louis at the same time have reestablished themselves as LA’s NFL team. There has been talk that The Chargers should go after Tom Brady. I fell Brady would be a good pick up. He’d likely make them a playoff contender and draw a lot of much-needed attention for the Chargers. However, there could be a cost. I don’t think Brady has any desire to be a mentor, and while getting Tom Brady would pay off immediately. Adding him might have long term consequences. This is a very good Qutarback draft class. I expect Joe Burrow to be taken first and therefore off the board, but there is a good chance that Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts could be on the board when the Chargers draft at 6, with Only the Dolphins likely to pick a QB before them. I fell the Chargers may have to choose between short term gratification with Tom Brady or building something for the long term by drafting a QB in the first round.

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Drew Brees moves past Payton Manning to become the all-time leader in passing touchdowns! He is also the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and number 3 in passer rating. The question is does this make him the greatest quarterback of all time? There isn’t a correct answer, but I hold Joe Montana’s & Tom Brady’s Super Bowl wins ahead of him. I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long-time fan with an informed and knowledgable opinion who likes to talk about sports! Please Subscribe It’s free & Easy Just Click This Link!

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Tom Brady Is/Is Not The Best Ever!

Why Tom Brady Is/Is Not The Best Of All Time When it comes to sports, movies, music anything really. Fans will always debate who or what is the best of all time. Because it is always a subjective opinion. There is no real best of all time. Just Those who belong in the conversation more than others. In this episode, we look at Tom Brady Why Tom Brady is The Best of All Time. Super Bowl 8 Super Bowls in 17 Seasons 5 Super Bowl Wins 4 Time Super Bowl MVP Single Game Super Bowl Records * Passes Completed 43 SB LI also holds the #’s 2 & 4 marks with 37 XLIX and 32 XXXVIII * Passing Yards 505 LII. Also #’s 2 & 9. 466 LI and 354 XXXVIII Career Super Bowl Leader in * Passes Completed 235 * Passing Yards 2576 Overall Postseason Record 27-10 Career Accolades 13x Pro Bowl 3x All Pro 3x MVP 196-55-0 Regular Season Record League Leader Stats Completion % 1:2007/68.9% Yards 1: 2005/4110 2: 2007/4806. 3: 2017/4577 Touchdowns: 1: 2002/28. 2: 2007/50 3: 2010/36 4: 2015/36 Why Tom Brady Is Not The Best Of All Time. -The Tuck Rule. Perhaps the most controversial call in sports history. Without it, New England does not beat Oakland in the Divisional round of the Playoffs And perhapses the Patriots dynasty never gets off the ground -Is he a system Quarterback? In 2008 Brady missed 15 games his replacement, Matt Cassel Went 10-5 that year. The Patriots went 4-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett when Brady served his four-game suspension for deflate-gate. -Plays in a weak division That I at least the perception. New York, Miami, and Buffalo have all had success here and there, but have never been able to maintain that success.