New England Patriots Dynasty Over?

Is TheNew England Patriots Dynasty Over? The Philadelphia Eagles neat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win Super Bowl LII (52). Despite the loss it was New England’s third Super Bowl in 4 years and their eighth Super Bowl going 5-3 in the past seventeen years. In that time span the The team with the next most Super Bowl appearances? The Pittsburgh Steelers with three going 3-1 in that time span. It has been one of if not the most impressive runs in team sports history. However, it might be coming to an end. Tom Brady is40 years old. while he dose take care of himself he is getting closer to the end of his career. There was some end fighting near the end of the season between Brady, Head Coach Bill Belichick, and Team Owner Robert Kraft. Which pretty much lead to trading Brady’s heir apparent at quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco. My personal take is that we are close to the end of the Patriots Dynasty, but not quite there. The rest of the league is catching up, but no one has been constant enough to to emerge as a real threat to the Patriots Dynasty. Pleas Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy On YouTube

Channel Update February 2018 (Sports Talk With Troy).

Channel Update February 2018. A quick update. I haven’t posted in a while, and thought I should make a video. Since my last video. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, 41–33, Both the NFL and MLB announced their Hall of Fame classes. College football had its national letter of intent day for new recruits. The NBA trade deadline, and the semi finals of the cruiserweight World Boxing Super Series. For more from Sports Talk With Troy Please Subscribe Sports Talk With Troy YouTubeCheckout my main YouTube Channel

NCAA Football 8 Team Playoff: The Best and Most Fair Way To Crown A Champion

NCAA Football 8 Game Playoff: The Best and Most Fair Way To Crown A Champion. If winning your conference championship game is not enough to get into the playoffs than there needs to be a change in the system. If being in a “rest of 5” conference keeps you out of the playoffs. There needs to be a change in the system. The answer is simple. An 8 team playoff. Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy YouTube

National Championship Game Thoughts Alabama 26 Georgia 23

National Championship Game Thoughts Alabama 26 Georgia 23 Even though I still fell that Ohio State, USC and Central Florida were more deserving than Alabama of being one of the four teams in the playoffs. I expressed my opinion in a previous video Why Ohio State, USC & UCF Should Have Been The Playoffs & Not Alabama. Alabama still beat Clemson and Georgia. I wasn’t going to watch out of protest. I’m glad I did. It was a great game. With a comeback and a dramatic ending. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy Sports Talk With Troy