Why We Have No Right To Hate The NBA Super Team Ring/Sports Talk With Troy

Published on Jun 18, 2017

Why We Have No Right To Hate The Superteam. As long as we demand that the best athletes regardless of their sport strive to be the best, and the metric that we use to determined who the best is. Is championships won. We have no right to get mad when Kevin Durant joins the best team or LeBron James tries to put together a team that can win a championship. The super team is nothing new not just in the NBA.Please check out my channel If you like what I do here. Please Subscribe.


The Michael Jordan vs Lebron James Debate Is Far From Over

Published on Jun 14, 2017(3 days ago)

The Michael Jordan vs Lebron James Debate Is Far From Over. Golden State’s 4 games to 1 victory in the NBA Finals over Cleveland. Is a major victory for those who fell that Michael Jordan is the better NBA player. However, Lebron James’s career is far from over. My opinion is that he is going to be in the next 3-5 NBA Championships as the key player on those teams. With 8 in a row right now that would put him at 11-13 in a row. Even if his teams never win. No one as far as I know has done that in any major sport. Let alone the NBA
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What’s Next for Errol Spence Jr after Beating Kell Brook? Ring Talk With Troy

Published on Jun 10, 2017

What’s Next for Errol Spence Jr. after Beating Kell Brook?
I may or may not be an expert. I’ll let you decide, but I am a long Time fan with an informed and knowledgeable opinion.
Coming off his 11th round stoppage win over Kell Brook on May 27th 2017 in Sheffield
England, to win the IBF Welterweight Championship. What is next for Errol Spence Jr?
I know a lot of people are clamoring for an Errol Spence vs. Keith Thurman fight. Matching up the two welterweights that a lot of people fell are the two best in the world. I don’t think Spence’s next fight is going to be against Thurman. However, Thurman’s (who is out with an injury) next fight could be against Spence.
So Who’s next? When a championship changes hands. There is always the possibility of a rematch. However suffering from his second orbital bone break in as many fights. Brook is going to need some time off. If he fights again. The IBF ranks Carlos Ocampo and Konstantin Ponomarev at #3 & #4 as the top two contenders. Spence and Ponomarev were supposed to face each other, but PBC vs. Top Rank issues got in the way. I think it is going to come down to two PBC promoted boxers. Shawn Porter who is coming off a 9th round stoppage over Andre Berto or Lamont Peterson who won a share of the WBA championship winning a decision over David Avanesyan. I don’t think Danny Garcia who is coming off a loss is going to be next.
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Top 10 Pound for Pound Ring Talk With Troy

Published on Jun 7, 2017

Pound for pound as June 6 2017

With all the talk about pound for pound lists i thought I would post mine.

Pound for pound lists are subjective opinion.  This is my subjective opinion.

Rankings based on level of opposition and performance over the past two years.  June 6 2015 to June 6 2017. 

This is not a career achievement award.

This is not a prediction of who beats who in a future bout.

A boxer can be coming off a loss.

Again This is my subjective opinion

1. Terence Crawford: Dierry Jean TKO10, Henry Lundy TKO5, Viktor Postol UD12, John Molina Jr TKO8,  Felix Diaz RTD 10.  You can’t expect a champion to fight the best of the best or in other words.  Have a career defining fight every time.  However you can expect them to fight (using Max Kellerman’s words to describe both Lundy and Daiz) someone who is at lest capable every time. (I would describe Diaz as being more than capable though).  I would also put Jean, and Molina Jr. in the capable category.  Postal is a career defining fight in which Crawford dominated on his way to a 12 round decision.  There are no who are they’s or used to be’s here.  Which is more than I can say for anyone else here, and his fights are not close.  Based on how I fell pound for pound should be ranked.  Terance Crawford is the best boxer in the world right now.  While the gap between Crawford is getting narrower.  It’s still not close.  Any Career defining fights?  Yes Dominated Viktor Postol UD12

2. Keith Thurman:  Luis Collazo RTD7, Shawn Porter UD12,  Danny Garcia SD12.  Thurman vs. Collazo at Collazo’s best would have been an interesting fight.  I’d pick Thurman to win.  However was 5 or so years past his best.  Porter pushed Thurman, but Thurman pushed back harder.  I thought he clearly beat Garcia.  Any Career defining fights?  Yes Clear win over Danny Garcia.

3.  Manny Pacquiao:  Timothy Bradley Jr UD12, Jessie Vargas UD12.  I don’t like Manny Pacquiao.  His refusal to do PED Testing, and trying to cast himself as a victim for almost 5 years delayed the Mayweather/Pacquiao (Mayweather is smart, but he’s not the marketing genius he makes himself out to be)  fight for almost 5 years.  Than he stunk the joint out when they did fight.  The icing on the cake he made a b.s. excuse after the fight.  I can go on.  However as much as I don’t like him, he is still a very good boxer and he has wins over Bradley and Vargas.  I wouldn’t call Bradley or Vargas Career defining fights, but they both are more than capable

4. Vasyl Lomachenko: Romulo Koasicha KO10, Roman Martinez KO5, Nicholas Walters RTD7,  Jason Sosa RTD 9.  Based on his last 3 fights compared to anyone else including Crawford Lomachenko would  my top ratted boxer.  However this is a past 2 years ranking not past 3 fights ranking and Koasicha holds him back.  Any Career defining fights? Yes Dominated Nicholas Walters RTD7.

5. Saul Alvarez: Miguel Cotto UD12, Amir Khan KO6, Liam Smith KO9, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr UD12.  Canelo has 4 good wins here, but there is some smoke & minors here too.  Khan who looked good in the early part of the fight was brought up in weight.  Smith may have been the weakest champion at super welterweight.  Chavez Jr.  May have been brought down too far in weight.  I wouldn’t call Cotto a used to be, but he has seen better days. Any Career defining fights? Maybe against Cotto.  Clear win.

6. Gennady Golovkin:  David Lemieux TKO8, Dominic Wade KO2, Kell Brook TKO5, Daniel Jacobs UD12.  Lemieux despite a hiccup back in 2011 and his loss to GGG has been one of the sports better middleweights.  Wade isn’t bad, but he’s nothing special either.  Brook is a talented boxer, but he was doomed going up two weight classes.  Jacobs showed why he’s a champion, but Golovkin won that fight.  Any Career defining fights? Yes close win over Daniel Jacobs

7. Andre Ward: Paul Smith TKO9, Sullivan Barrera UD12, Alexander Brand UD12, Sergey Kovalev UD12.  I think Ward beats Golovkin and Golovkin beats Alvarez.  However this list is not a who beats who list.  SOG has by far the weakest resume of the unbeaten boxers.  His win over Barrera is looking a little bit better.  There is no excuse for Brand.  Who wis billed as the only guy they could get for their price.  I think that says a lot.  I think if you filled a room with 100 people who understand boxing 50 of them would have said Ward beat Kovalev, and 50 would say Kovalev beat Ward.  Any Career defining fights? Yes questionable win over Sergey Kovalev

8. Leo Santa Cruz:  Abner Mares MD12, Kiko Martinez TKO5/, Carl Frampton LMD12, Carl Frampton MD12.  Not who you were expecting?  Other than his upset first round loss to Jhonny Gonzalez (and his loss to Santa Cruz). Mares has looked pretty good throughout his career.  Martinez is a used to be.  Frampton had put together a good run including a win over Santa Cruz before Santa Cruz beat Frampton.  Any Career defining fights?  Split 2 close fights with Carl Frampton.

9.  Carl Frampton:  Alejandro Gonzalez Jr UD12, Scott Quigg SD12, Leo Santa Cruz MD12, Leo Santa Cruz LMD12.   Who knows how good Gonzalez could have been.  He had a good short run with wins over Quigg and Santa Cruz, before losing to Santa Cruz.  Any Career defining fights? Yes Split 2 close fights with Leo Santa Cruz.  An argument can be made for his close win over Scott Quigg.

10. Roman Gonzalez:  Brian Viloria TKO9, McWilliams Arroyo UD12, Carlos Cuadras UD12, Wisaksil Wangek LMD12.  The 10 spot was the hardest spot to fill.  I considered Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Joshua.  Gonzalez has put together a good run over the past 2 years.  Even if disputed his loss to Wangek hurts.  I think his resume over the past 2 years is stronger than Kovalev’s and Joshua’s.  Any Career defining fights?  Yes close even questionable win over Carlos Cuadras.