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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth

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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth. I do my best to make an M is For Mental Health, Wellness & Groth video every Monday! You can help by Liking this video and Subscribing!

I don’t think there is anything more valuable than social skills, and I feel the only way to develop them is through experience when a person is young. For those of us who deal with invisible disabilities Such as ADHD, Autism & other Learning Disabilities. Our parents often feel a need to protect us in a way that keeps us from experiencing and developing our social skills.

ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Social Skills, Vlog, YouTube

The Reality Of No One Is Judging You Just Go For It My ASD ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience

Published on Jul 13, 2017

The Reality Of No One Is Judging You Just Go For It My Autistic Spectrum:ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience.
Have you ever herd someone say something like “No one is judging you. Just go for it” ? This is much more likely to be true if you’re Neurologically Typical (someone who doesn’t deal personally with Autistic issues, or any other Learning Disabilities) Than if your not. It’s likely that you’ve been bullied for being awkward and different, and mocked for trying things to improve yourself. The result of all this is to push us to be even more reclusive. People like myself have enough issues with social skills as it is. We don’t need more obstacles.
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My Social Skills or The Lack Of

It’s common for The Autistic Spectrum to have challenges when it comes to socializing. Myself included. I don’t offer any solutions. I have my own theories, but didn’t fell right about discussing them at this time. However I fell that it can be therapeutic to just express one’s experiences.
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