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What Should The Portland Trail Blazers Do Before The 2020 Trade Deadline?

As a basketball fan both the trade deadline and draft are exciting times! As they bot represent chances for your team to make that one move that will take them to the next level. Speaking as a lifelong fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. I’d like to give my 2 cents about what I think they should do. I honestly think there best move would be not making a move. They traded Kent Bazemore for Trevor Ariza. While it wasn’t a trade that moved mountains. It was a smart trade on Portland’s part. Ariza. is a comment professional and has found his nitch everywhere he’s been. He has a reasonable contract that is due next season. After making it to the Western Conference Finals the expectations were high in Rip City. This year the Blazers are on the outside of the playoffs looking in. I think the team overachieved last year. I also think they are dealing with injuries that have set them back as well. However, once they get Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum & The currently injured Jusuf Nurkic playing together things will improve. However with their addiction to their big 3. The blazers have young talent in Anfernee Simons, G. Trent, Jr., Nassir Little & Zach Collins under contract. Add another draft pick. I have mixed feelings about Neil Olshe, but he’s done a good job of finding talent in the draft. In theory, they could get something back for Hassan Whiteside who will see his role reduced when Nurkic returns, and Portland could use a more dynamic player at either forward position. However, Portland is dealing with injuries among their bigs. I think it could be in the Blazer’s best interest to keep Whiteside through this season and letting him walk or seeing if there is not a sign and trade deal they could make in the offseason. Thank you for watching this video about what I think My favorite team should do. I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long time fan with an informed & knowledgable opinion who enjoys talking about sports! Please subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy and click the Bell to Know when I am posting a new video!

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