kliff Kingsbury Leaves USC To Coach The Arizona Cardinals My Thoughts& Opinions


Kliff Kingsbury Leaves USC To Coach The Arizona Cardinals My Thoughts& Opinions. Before coaching his first game or even practice USC’s home run hire offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury has taken the head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals. As A Trojans fan, This sucks, but I understand, and can’t really get mad at him for taking this opportunity. It’s now time for USC to move on and find the best possible coach to replace him.


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College Football Top 8 For Week 6

College Football Top 8 For Week 6. NCAA Rankings for week 6. These are the eight teams who I fell are playing the best football right now. This does not reflect who I think is going to finish as one of the four playoff teams or who will beat who in the future.

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USC Trojans 3-2 State Of The Team (A Fan’s View)

USC Football 3 2 State Of The Team A Fan’s View. Going into a bye week before facing undefeated Colorado. The USC Trojans are 3-2. What’s going on with the team? This Trojans fan gives my perspective in this state of the team. Please Help Me Grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing Click Here

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USC Trojans Inspired LeBron SoldierXII

More from my USC Trojan inspired Nike ID Series.

With LeBron James joining the Lakers I decided to create Soldier XII in USC Trojan colors.  On a personal note, I am not a Lakers fan.

The First Is inspired by The Football Helmet. Football Helmet Inspired

Outside of Football, Every USC Team seems to have a black uniform.  Black With Cardinal Strap & Gold Lettering

USC’s Women’s 4×100 Realy team made an incredible comeback to win the race and take home a National Championship! White Women’s 4X100 Victory Inspired!

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NCAA Football 8 Team Playoff: The Best and Most Fair Way To Crown A Champion

NCAA Football 8 Game Playoff: The Best and Most Fair Way To Crown A Champion. If winning your conference championship game is not enough to get into the playoffs than there needs to be a change in the system. If being in a “rest of 5” conference keeps you out of the playoffs. There needs to be a change in the system. The answer is simple. An 8 team playoff. Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy YouTube

National Championship Game Thoughts Alabama 26 Georgia 23

National Championship Game Thoughts Alabama 26 Georgia 23 Even though I still fell that Ohio State, USC and Central Florida were more deserving than Alabama of being one of the four teams in the playoffs. I expressed my opinion in a previous video Why Ohio State, USC & UCF Should Have Been The Playoffs & Not Alabama. Alabama still beat Clemson and Georgia. I wasn’t going to watch out of protest. I’m glad I did. It was a great game. With a comeback and a dramatic ending. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy Sports Talk With Troy

Sports Talk With Troy 10/15/2017 NCAA Top 16 and Conference Championship Games Outlook.

1. Alabama (SEC West)
2.Georgia (SEC East)
3.TCU (Big 12)
4. Pen State (Big Ten East)
5. Wisconsin (Big Ten West)
6. Miami (ACC Atlantic)
7. Clemson (ACC Costal)
8.Ohio State (Big Ten East)
9. Washington (Pac 12 North)
10. USC (Pac 12 South)
11. Washington State (Pac 12 North
12.Oklahoma (Big 12)
13. Notre Dame
14Oklahoma State
15. Michigan State (Big Ten East)
16. Michigan (Big Ten East)

Conference Championship Games (Based on current rankings)
Pac-12 Championship Game Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara, CA
9.Washington (Pac 12 North)/10.USC (Pac 12 South)
Big 12 Championship Game AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX
SEC Championship Game Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA 1. Alabama (SEC West)/2.Georgia (SEC East)
ACC Championship Game Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC 6. Miami (ACC Atlantic)/7. Clemson (ACC Costal)
Big Ten Championship Game Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN 4. Pen State (Big Ten East)/5. Wisconsin (Big Ten West)



Sports Talk With Troy Top 16 NCAA Football Rankings 10/8/2017

Sports Talk With Troy Top 16 NCAA Football Rankings 10/8/2017 My Weekly top 16 college football teams. Because I believe a 16 team play off should replace the Bowl Game System. 1.Clemson 2. Alabama 3.Washington State 4. Georgia 5.TCU 6. Penn State 7. Washington 8. Wisconsin 9. Miami 10. USC 11. Auburn 12. Oklahoma 13. Michigan 14. Notre Dame 15. Ohio State 16. San Diego State Thank You For Watching! Please Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Dn… Website https://troygrudinmediaarts.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Sports-Talk-…