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NFL Picks Week Four

My Picks for week four of the NFL season. This video is more of a challenge to myself than anything else. Please Subscribe… Facebook…

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Do Athletes Have A Right:Responsibility To Use Their Platform For Political Activism?

Do Athletes Have A Right/Responsibility To Use Their Platform For Political Action? Personally I don’t like politics. I don’t really fell comfortable talking about them. I think they do more to divide us than bring people together. However, they are a fact of life. They are more and more a part of sports. To a certain extent, politics have always been a part of sports. However it is more prominent now. Athletes as well as other participants in sports. Such as coaches, owners, media. Are given a platform that most of us are not given. They have the right to use that platform to express their political opinions. They have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us when it comes to political action and protest. This is not about rather or not we agree or disagree with their cause. It’s about their right to use their platform for political action. Do athletes have a responsibility to use their platform for political action? Like the rest of us athletes have the right to chose to be or not be politically active. There are athletes who chose to be politically active and those who chose not to be politically active. Like the rest of us they should have the choice to be or not be politically active. Please let me know what you think in the commit section. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy (Click The Icon At The End Of This Video)… . Facebook…

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NFL Divisional Picks 2017

Published on Sep 6, 2017

My Predictions for this upcoming season’s NFL divisional standings
I think you will find this a good mix of safe picks and bold predictions.

AFC West. AFC South. AFC North. AFC East.
Oakland. 1. Tennessee. 1. Pittsburg. 1. New England
Kansas City. 2. Houston. 2. Baltimore. 2. Buffalo
Los Angeles. 3. Indianapolis. 3. Cincinnati. 3. Miami
Denver. 4. Jacksonville. 4. Cleveland 4, New York

NFC West. NFC South. NFC North. NFC East
Arizona. 1. Tampa Bay. 1. Green Bay. 1. Philadelphia
Seattle 2. Carolina. 2. Detroit. 2. Dallas
Los Angeles. 3. Atlanta. 3. Minnesota. 3. New York
San Fransisco. 4. New Orleans. 4. Chicago 4. Washington
Will My Picks be spot on or Way off the mark? Maybe something in between?
We will have to watch and see how this season plays out.
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