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Is the Gym Open On Saturday? Troy’s Life Vlog #41

Published on Jul 8, 2017

It’s Saturday and for the summer. I have access to the Gym at the University of Oregon, which is much nicer than the gym in my apartment building. However, because it’s the weekend I wasn’t sure if it would be open.
Did a quick warm up on the indoor track, fallowed by some pull ups with leg raises, simulated sledgehammer on a weight machine, did some kettle ball work. Finished with an agility ladder drill.…

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Mile Fail 5k Success Troy’s Life Vlog #34

Published on Jun 5, 2017 TroyGrudin MediaArts YouTube

Mile Fail 5k Success Troy’s Life Vlog #34 . Please like, comment & subscribe… . I planed on trying to run a mile, but into the first lap. i realized that I just didn’t have it in me. So I decided to complete a 5k using intervals.I wasn’t as fast as my last 5k. That I ran more straight through. Checkout my new Fitness Goals Playlist…

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Troy’s Fitness Goals Sub 6 Mile Week Of Personal Bests

Published on Aug 9, 2016

It has been a while since my last update. Over the course of this past week I have posted my best times Sunday July 31 I posted a 6:29. My best time so far! Wednesday August 3 I was a bit slower at 6:34. Than Sunday July 7 I ran a 6:30. These are my three fastest times during this project.…

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Troy’s Fitness Goals. Sub 6 Mile 6:29 I’m Getting Closser

Published on Jul 31, 2016

I was excited that I got a 6:29 I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m getting closer. I’ve been working on running a sub 6 minute mile for about a month. I made this quick video after hitting 6:29.
Fallow me on my quest…
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My Quest To Run A Sub 6 Mile 6/22/2016 Update

Published on Jun 23, 2016

I set for myself a goal of doing timed runs on Wednesdays and Sundays. As long as there was nothing in my life interfering. However yesterday I had a hard time finding the motivation to go.
After a lot of procrastinating I got to the gym. Did a short warm up, before doing my timed run. I was not expecting to see any improvement, but I ran a 6:46 my best time since starting this project.
Fallow my progress here…
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Talking About My Quest To Run A Sub 6 Mile

I decided to challenge myself to try to run a sub 6:00 mile. Something I haven’t done in about 15 years. I do my best to explain why I have set this goal for myself. It is going to be a difficult task. It’s going to be just as much if not more about the journey than the destination. I am creating a playlist so you can fallow my progress. My Quest To Run a Sub 6 Mile…
You can also fallow my progress on Instagram & Tumblr My YouTube channel is…