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WHY COLIN KAEPERNICK “WON” “THE WORKOUT” I think Colin Kapernick won round one. There is no guarantee that he is ever going to be on an NFL team ever again, but he got eight teams to go out of their way to take a look at him. Rather you support him or don’t. There is no way to look at this as anything but a win for Kapernick. I have the feeling that if he’s going to get back into the NFL. He might have to play in the CFL for a year. Who do you think came out ahead? Will Colin Kapernick play in the NFL Again? Please let me know in the commits. I realize that Colin Kapernick is a polarizing figure. Regardless of your views of him. Please keep your commits civil. I will delete them if I fell they cross any lines. Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing

NFL, Sports, Vlog, YouTube

Colin Kaepernick Workout Is It A Real Opportunity Or P R Move By The NFL?

Colin Kaepernick Workout Is It A Real Opportunity Or P R Move By The NFL? The NFL has organized a workout for NFL teams to look at Colin Kaepernick who has been out of the NFL and has not played in a professional football game since 2016. Is this Kaepernick’s best chance to get back into the NFL? Is this just a P.R. Move by the NFL? I am of the opinion that while he’s not an “elite” Quarterback who has been blackballed. I do think he’s a good Quarterback and teams have chosen to go with other Quarterbacks for non-football reasons. I also think this is his best and most realistic chance to get back into the NFL. Even if this is mostly a P.R. Move by the NFL. Now for My Own P.R. Move! If you enjoy this video and/or you enjoy the other videos I do hear on Sports Talk With Troy. Please Hit the Like Button and Give The Channel A Subscribe! It’s free and easy! have my other Youtube channel too Mostly Photography/Travel/Mental Health. New Videos Coming Soon!