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Week In Review June 24-30

It is time for my latest Week in Review!  Of course, if you would like to see my videos when they are released, please check out Sports Talk With Troy . & TroyGrudin or biG72Media Now on to the videos. I am trying to do more with my My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience Playlist.  By putting out a new video […]

Where Will Lebron James Play 2018/2019?

Please Subscribe. Sports Talk With Troy YouTube It’s free and it truly helps me grow Sports Talk With Troy. I also, have another YouTube Channell. I mostly share my photography and talk about my mental health challenges.  TroyGrudin YouTube Where Will Lebron James Play 2018:2019? Will Lebron James stay in Cleveland? or will he take his talents somewhere […]

2018 NBA Finals Preview

2018 NBA Finals Preview. For the fourth year in a row, the Golden State Warriors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. In my opinion, The Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers championship rivalry belongs with the great championship rivalries. Such as Lakers/Celtics, Dodgers/Yankees & Steelers/Cowboys. Who do I think wins? You will […]

Villanova Wins Second National Championship in 3 Years! (Rant!)

Villanova Wins Second National Championship in 3 Years! I posted a video saying how in the NCAA basketball tournament. The little guy or the small school has a chance to win it all. As opposed to football where the small school does. not get a chance to compete. I fell that Villanova’s 79-62 win over […]

NCAA Basketball Tournament (Why It’s Great)

NCAA Basketball Tournament Why It’s Great. This is not a prediction for the championship game between Michigan and Villanova. This is a commentary on what I think makes the NCAA basketball tournament one of the best sporting events of the year.

Opening Up A Little About Myself (Sports Talk With Troy)

Opening Up A Little About Myself. I deal with issues dealing with Autism, ADHD and other Learning Disabilities. I address these more on my other channel: Link Here.. As much of passion for sports that I have. Particularly football, basketball, and boxing. I have a lot of self-doubts.Even though the worst is way behind me. […]