Do I Need Help Or Am I Just Making Excuses? Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience

Do I Need Help Or Am I Just Making Excuses? Just a quick rant about one of the many struggles of having an invisible disability like ADHD, being on the Autistic Spectrum, and other Learning Disabilities. Parents of kids with ADHD, ASD, other Learning Disabilities.and so forth. Please Be An Ally Not An Adversary!

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3 Stages Of Understanding One’s Own Invisible Disability

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3 Stages Of Understanding One’s Own Invisible Disability It is not always easy for someone with an invisible disability (ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, Learning Disabilities, & so forth) to understand that we have an Invisible Disability. If you are a parent it is tempting to force movement from one stage to The stages are 1. Not being able to understand that we have a disability. This not mean we don’t have a diagnosis. It means that despite having struggles we can’t conceive the idea that we have a disability. 2. Denail/Defense. This is the stage where we understand we have a disability, but remember a very hurtful past, or in some cases might be going through a very low. 3. Is acceptance of the fact that we have a disability and the help and support being offered. There is also the disappointment that that help and support would have never been useful.

I’ve been Slacking Off (Why I Haven’t Been Posting)

I’ve been Slacking Off (Why I Haven’t Been Posting) I set a goal of making a video regarding my mental health/invisible health experience for every Monday. I’ve been slacking off a bit. These videos are not always easy for me to make and, are not always as therapeutic as you might think. #slackingoff I have been posting to my Sports Talk With Troy YouTube Sports Talk With Troy

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Self Imposed Public Motivation!

My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/L.D. Experience Monday: Parents Please Make Wise Decisions

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Talking About My Mental Health Issues

Why I fell I Need To Talk About My Mental Health Issues. I often Find talking about my experiences with ADHD, Autistic Issues, and Learning Disabilities. Can open old wounds and be painful. However, I was watching an interview with Mauro Ranallo promoting the documentary about his battle with Bipolar Affective Disorder, and it made me realize that as someone with real-life experience. I need to talk about it more and in a public place. Because I fell there is a lot of information from people who might study mental health issues, but they don’t experience them, and I think they can give out unintentionally bad and harmful information. Please Subscribe It truly helps me grow this channel. YouTube Link Check out my Instagram @tfgrudin (mostly cosplay) If you use this link to download Brave (Web Browser). I receive $5 at no cost to you that will help me grow this channel.

Autistic Spectrum & Battling Human Nature A Note To Parents

Autistic Spectrum & Battling Human Nature. Autistic Spectrum & Battling Human Nature A Note To Parents Parents of children who deal who deal with Autistic Spectrum Issues, ADHD and Like Learning Disabilities. I know you want what is best for them. I know you want them to have the best life they can have. However human nature often gets in the way. Please Help Me Grow this Channel by Subscribing TroyGrudin YouTube

Why Is My kid’s Room Always A Mess? My Autistic Spectrum:ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Why Is My kid’s Room Always A Mess? My Autistic Spectrum:ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience.
When I was growing up and even as an adult. My room is almost always a mess. This drove my Mom who enjoyed organizing things nuts. Perhaps you don’t have the same passion for organizing things , but despite your best efforts. Their room is a constantly a disaster area. You’ve tried everything. Making them clean it. Cleaning it yourself. Even hiring a professional organizer? A week latter it’s a disaster area again.
First of all their room may be more organized than you think. I always have a spot for everything I need. From my experience. Not caring how my room looked came from a desire to establish my own identity. My version of teenage rebellion. As I’ve gotten older. I have come to believe that teenage rebellion is a normal and healthy thing. It’s sometimes difficult for someone with any kind of learning disability to do. I believe there is more outside pressure on us to conform than our neurologically typical peers. At the end of the day there are good reasons to have your kids clean their rooms. It’s just not worth pulling your hair out when it becomes a mess again.……

My Autism Spectrum and ADHD Experience: What’s Wrong With The Phrase High Functioning?

Published on Jul 11, 2016

What’s Wrong With The Phrase High Functioning? When I’m trying to explain my situation to someone. I find that the phrase High Functioning to be the easiest to use to help them understand. I understand this phrase is taboo. I’m not sure why that is.
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