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TYSON FURY DESTROYS DEONTAY WILDER! SHOULD WILDER’S CORNER THROWN IN THE TOWEL? WAS WILDER EXPOSED? For The Record, I Am A Fan Of Both Wilder And Fury. They bring color and personality to the sport! They have both been open about Their Mental Health Issues. Having my own issues I wish more athletes would be open about theirs. I talk about them on my other channel Along with my Cosplay Photography, Camera Reviews & Travel Experiences

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Tyson Fury beat up Deontay Wilder to Win The WBC and Retain The Lineal Heavyweight Championships Of The World! It Was a great and surprising performance by Fury, who forgoes his usual “boxing” style and took the fight to Wilder right away. It was a move that knowing Wilder’s history and capability I thought would be a mistake. It turns out it wasn’t. I think there is no other way to put it. Fury beat Wilder up. In this video, I ask and do my best to answer two questions. The first is. Should Wilder’s corner have thrown the towel in? Again it wasn’t that Wilder was losing, but he was getting beat up. It could be argued that they should have done it sooner. Than again Wilder often wins fights late while down on the cards. Even though he was getting beat up he showed a lot of grit. Even though he’s proven the ability to come from behind. When do you prioritize Long term health over the possibility of scoring another late-round comeback stoppage? The Second Question is Did Tyson Fury expose Deontay Wilder? Did Fury do something that other future opponents can replicate to get the same result? While I am conflicted and I think regardless of how the rest of Wilder’s career plays out, I will always be conflicted. I think the answer to rather or not he was exposed is clear. Fury is 6’9″ and was able to bring 270 plus pounds to bear on Wilder. It’s something that no other heavyweight can replicate.

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Way Too Early Wilder/Fury 2 Preview & Prediction!

Way Too Early Wilder/Fury 2 Preview & Prediction! I think the rematch will play out in a similar fashion to the first bout. However, if you want to know exactly what I think is going to happen. Please watch the video! I hope that’s why you are here. If you enjoyed this video and or any of my videos please Like this video & Subscribe! It takes just a second of your time and it helps a lot!

On Feb 22, 2020, WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder & Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury will have the long-awaited rematch of their draw in December of 2018! I am making this video two weeks out because I might not have access to my computer for a couple of weeks (by choice. I’m doing some traveling and might want to lighten my load.). I think in Tyson Fury we one of the most mobile and nimble heavyweights of all time. Perhaps second only to “The Greatest” himself Muhammad Ali. Like Ali Fury is also a great showman in the ring as well. Fury’s two-inch advantage in height & reach should allow him to moreover and land punches in relative safety, but not complete safety. If I’m going to compare Fury’s mobility, nimbleness & showmanship to Ali, then I think Deontay Wilder’s power deserves comparison to Joe Louis. Like The Brown Bomber, The Bronze Bomber can end a fight on a single punch. It’s something Louis understood and it’s something Wilder understands. I think Wilder put it best himself after stopping Luis Ortiz. When he said that his opponents have to be right all fight and he only has to be right for two seconds.

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Is Autism & Other forms Of Neurologically Atypical Challenges a Superpower?

Is Autism & Other forms Of Neurologically Atypical Challenges a Superpower? I have taken note that a lot of young people who Like myself face the challenges of autism and other Neurologically Atypical Challenges. View them as their Super Power! It’s an idea that I really like, but do I agree with it? My opinion is it depends. I fell that if our parents are supportive and encouraging us when it comes to our passions and interests. Then yes I think they are a superpower. Unfortunately, even though they have the best of intentions. Our parents might over protect us. Not allowing us to grow not letting us reach whatever positional we might have had. So I believe that with empowerment from our parents. Allowing us to find our nitch in life The challenges of being Neurologically Atypical. In whatever form that might take. It can be a superpower! Your support is always appreciated! If you would like to Subscribe

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What Should The Portland Trail Blazers Do Before The 2020 Trade Deadline?

As a basketball fan both the trade deadline and draft are exciting times! As they bot represent chances for your team to make that one move that will take them to the next level. Speaking as a lifelong fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. I’d like to give my 2 cents about what I think they should do. I honestly think there best move would be not making a move. They traded Kent Bazemore for Trevor Ariza. While it wasn’t a trade that moved mountains. It was a smart trade on Portland’s part. Ariza. is a comment professional and has found his nitch everywhere he’s been. He has a reasonable contract that is due next season. After making it to the Western Conference Finals the expectations were high in Rip City. This year the Blazers are on the outside of the playoffs looking in. I think the team overachieved last year. I also think they are dealing with injuries that have set them back as well. However, once they get Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum & The currently injured Jusuf Nurkic playing together things will improve. However with their addiction to their big 3. The blazers have young talent in Anfernee Simons, G. Trent, Jr., Nassir Little & Zach Collins under contract. Add another draft pick. I have mixed feelings about Neil Olshe, but he’s done a good job of finding talent in the draft. In theory, they could get something back for Hassan Whiteside who will see his role reduced when Nurkic returns, and Portland could use a more dynamic player at either forward position. However, Portland is dealing with injuries among their bigs. I think it could be in the Blazer’s best interest to keep Whiteside through this season and letting him walk or seeing if there is not a sign and trade deal they could make in the offseason. Thank you for watching this video about what I think My favorite team should do. I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long time fan with an informed & knowledgable opinion who enjoys talking about sports! Please subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy and click the Bell to Know when I am posting a new video!

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What’s Next For WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade After Beating Luke Keeler?

What’s Next For WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade After Beating Luke Keeler? I may or may not be an expert but I am a long time fan with an informed and knowable opinion who enjoys talking about sports! Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing! and by clicking the Bell notification so you know when my latest video is posted!

So what’s next for WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius (Boo Boo) Andrade After Beating Luke Keeler? As much as I’d like to see it I don’t expect him to face WBC champion Jermall Charlo. Andrade is with DAZN and Charlo is with PBC. It would be beneficial for either boxer to jump ship. The bulk of the sports top middleweights and super middleweights are with DAZN so it would make sense for Charlo to jump ship to them. Andrade seems to be in the eyes of DAZN the least important boxer within DAZN’s deep list of talent so going over to PBC where he’d be more important could also be a smart move on his part. Don’t expect either to happen anytime soon. Where does that leave Andrade? It seems unfair to say this about a champion, but I think he’s likely to be brought in with the idea of advancing someone else’s career. The plan could backfire. I think DAZN would like to build Jaime Munguia up. the 23-year-old is a former champion at 154 pounds. He was brought into the spotlight when he was suggested as an opponent for Gennadiy Golovkin when the second GGG Canelo fight had to be postponed. I think DAZN would like to match Munguia up with GGG, and then what could be a passing of the torch fight with Canelo. To make this happen it would help if Munguia had some more notable wins. A win by Munguia over Andrade would be a very creditable win. It could backfire on them. Andrade is a very good boxer, and of course, if he were to beat Munguia it could open the door to those coveted GGG and Canelo fights.


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My Super Bowl LIV Reaction!

My Super Bowl LIV Reaction! The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. San Francisco had Kansas City on the proverbial ropes leading 20-10 going into the fourth quarter, but 21 unanswered points latter Kansas City wins Super Bowl LIV 31-20. It was the third straight playoff game that KC came back down 10 points or more in the second half to win. Patrick Mahomes overcame two early interceptions to lead the comeback and at 24 become the youngest Super Bowl MVP. I think there is an argument for Damien Williams who ran for 104 yards& Scored the go-ahead Touchdown and again using a boxing term. The knockout touchdown. The immediate narrative is that San Francisco gave the game away. While I feel there is some truth to that. Give Kansas City all the credit in the world. They didn’t let getting behind break them. Andy Reid trusted Mahomes. The result was those 21 unanswered points and the second Super Bowl Championship in Franchise history! I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long time fan with an informed and knowledgable opinion who likes to talk about sports! Please Help Me Grow Sports Talk With Troy By Subscribing on YouTube! & by clicking the bell so you know when I post my next video! I have my Non-Sports Youtube Check That Out here!

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Lamar Jackson Unanimously Voted NFL MVP!

I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long time fan with an informed and knowledgeable opinion who likes to talk about sports. Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing To My YouTube Channel! & by fallowing me on Instagram!

Baltimore Raven’s Quarterback Lamar Jackson passed for 3127 yards with 36 passing touchdowns to only 6 interceptions. He also ran for 1206 yards with 7 rushing touchdowns. All while leading the Ravens to a 14-2 record. The best in the league! I have no idea what the future holds for Lamar Jackson. I don’t think he’s going to have the longest career. Dual-threat QBs tend to drop off at around age 30. Jackson is 23, so I think we can expect more years of great football from Jackson. I just don’t know how many more.

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Nikon Z 50 Review

The Nikon Z 50 is Nikon’s first entry into the APS-C sensor mirrorless camera market. They entered the full frame market with their Z 6 & Z 7 models last year.

I rented a Z 50 and took it to Wizard World Comic Con in Portland Oregon To see my post about Wizard World

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WizardWorld Portland 2020 Cosplay Photos & Vlog

WizardWorld Portland 2020 Cosplay Photos & Vlog My experience at WiardWorld Comiccon at The Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon! Also some clips of my Amtrak rides. (I want to do more comprehensive travel videos in the future.) Subscribe:


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What’s Next For Jeison Rosario After Upsetting Julian Williams?

What’s Next For Jeison Rosario After Upsetting Julian Williams? Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy! Click The Bell to be notified about new videos! & hit the Like Button for this video!

Jeison Rosario upset Julian Williams at Liacouras Center in Philadelphia PA. Willams hometown! To take Williams WBA & IBF super welterweight/light-middleweight championships! What’s next for the newly crowned champion? A rematch is very likely. In his post-fight interview after being beat, Williams said that he plans to invoke a rematch clause. I think the PBC really likes Williams and has big plans for him. So it would not surprise me if he gets his rematch right away. If that doesn’t happen I think matching Rosario up with Erislandy Lara makes a lot of sense. Rosario is Dominican and Lara is Cuban. They both make their homes (according to boxrec) in the southeast United States. Rosario in Miami FL & Lara Houston TX. Just 2 and a half mins of flight time separate the two cities. I will say this I do feel that matching Rosario in a rematch with Williams or with Lara. will be from the PBC’s view more about giving Williams and Lara an opportunity than it is to further Rosario’s career.

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What’s Next For Joe Smith Jr After Beating Jesse Hart?

What’s Next For Joe Smith Jr After Beating Jesse Hart? Who will Joe Smith Jr. face after winning the WBO/NABO Light Heavyweight championship by 10 round split decision over Jesse Hart? Welcome To Sports Talk With Troy Where I may or may not be an Expert, but I am a long-time fan with an informed and knowledgable opinion who enjoys talking about sports! Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy

I think Smith’s most likely options are The winner of Eleider Alvarez & Michael Seals who fight for the vacant WBC/Continental Americas Light Heavyweight championship on ESPN+ next week or Former WBO Super Middleweight champion Gilberto Ramirez for the Vacant WBO Light Heavyweight championship that Canelo Alvarez vacated.

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My Plans For 2020 & Beyond!

My Plans For 2020 & Beyond! I thought I might share my plans for this channel for 2020 and beyond. I made a similar video for my Sports Talk With Troy Channel

First of all Cosplay photography and Convention experiences is the core of this channel. My goal is to expand beyond my comfort zone of the Pacific Northwest. I also want to work up the courage to ask more cosplayers for interviews. I want to share more travel experiences. Another thing related to photography is more camera reviews. I want to talk more about the Invisible disabilities or as I prefer to call them challenges that I deal with in my life. I started a series called M is for Mental Health Wellness & Groth that I was posting on Mondays. I might go back to something like that. With a Presidential election coming up. I am thinking about talking about current events. Some but not all related to the challenges that I deal with in my life. I hope you will join me in the upcoming year and beyond! The best way to be updated is to subscribe and hit the bell notification!

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