Kumoricon 2018 Cosplay & Vlog Day 2!

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From October I’m trying to get caught up.

Cosplay photos and vlog from Kumoricon 2018 Day 2! At The Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon.





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I’ve been Slacking Off (Why I Haven’t Been Posting)

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I’ve been Slacking Off (Why I Haven’t Been Posting) I set a goal of making a video regarding my mental health/invisible health experience for every Monday. I’ve been slacking off a bit. These videos are not always easy for me to make and, are not always as therapeutic as you might think. #slackingoff I have been posting to my Sports Talk With Troy YouTube Sports Talk With Troy

I am looking forward to Rose City Comic Con Sep 7-9 in Portland Oregon! Photos and vlogs are going to be on this channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wK4eEZtTRlvr6Bj_37kqw

TroyGrudin MediaArts Is Going Through Some Changes!

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I changed the layout!  As you may be aware I host all my YouTube Videos from My YouTube Channels Sports Talk With Troy and TroyGrudin . as well as my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tfgrudin/

Lately, I have been doing a weekly posting of all my videos.  I am not sure that is the best format.  Until I start a Patreon or something like Patreon YouTube will be the first place to see my videos.

I am thinking about not posting any actual videos here.  Just make announcements.  Maybe the text to try to draw you into checking my channels out.


Week In Review June 24-30

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It is time for my latest Week in Review!  Of course, if you would like to see my videos when they are released, please check out Sports Talk With Troy . & TroyGrudin or biG72Media

Now on to the videos.

I am trying to do more with my My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience Playlist.  By putting out a new video every Monday.


WizardWorld 2018 Portland Cosplay and Vlog Sunday.

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Cosplay Photos and Vlog from day 3 Sunday of WizardWorld Comic Con in Portland Oregon. Thank you for allowing me to take your photograph. If you spot yourself. Please let me know in the commit section. Please help my channel grow by Liking, Sharing, and of course Subscribing!

WizardWorld Portland Cosplay & Vlog 2018 Friday

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WizardWorld Portland Cosplay & Vlog 2018 Friday. Cosplay photos and vlog from WizardWorld Comic Con at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. All content by Troy Grudin.  Please Subscribe by clicking the button under the video or the Icon at the end of the video.

USC vs Arizona Football Game Trip With My Dad

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USC/Arizona Football Game Trip. The Case Of The Missing Pilot. Flying down form Portland PDX to Los Angeles LAX. To see the USC/Arizona football game. USC won the game 49-35. It was my first USC football game since 2004. At halftime USC inducted its newest Hall of Fame Class. Including Traveler (long overdue) and Troy Polamalu We drove from Eugene to Portland, (The day before my Dad drove from Bend in central Oregon to Eugene) to catch a flight that would have gotten us to LA around 3:003:30. We get on the airplane. When the First Officer announces the pilot is still in Seattle. There was snow in Seattle so what should have been a 30-45 minute wait turned into a five hour delay. We were planing on having dinner with my Aunt and Uncle (my Dad’s sister), and I was planing on meeting up with a friend, but we got in too late.






Troy’s Life Vlog Season 2 Episode 1 Another Trip To The Doctor

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Troy’s Life Vlog Season 2 Episode 1 Another Trip To The Doctor. I’ve decided to give vloging a try again. Just a check-up with my hematologist/oncologist. Just a little background. When I went into my yearly make sure everything is working physical. They found that my blood count was low so they sent me to see a hematologist/oncologist.. Today was just take some blood and see what the count is. It has improved! Please Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wK…

Is the Gym Open On Saturday? Troy’s Life Vlog #41

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Published on Jul 8, 2017

It’s Saturday and for the summer. I have access to the Gym at the University of Oregon, which is much nicer than the gym in my apartment building. However, because it’s the weekend I wasn’t sure if it would be open.
Did a quick warm up on the indoor track, fallowed by some pull ups with leg raises, simulated sledgehammer on a weight machine, did some kettle ball work. Finished with an agility ladder drill.