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Opening Up A Little About Myself (Sports Talk With Troy)

Opening Up A Little About Myself. I deal with issues dealing with Autism, ADHD and other Learning Disabilities. I address these more on my other channel: Link Here.. As much of passion for sports that I have. Particularly football, basketball, and boxing. I have a lot of self-doubts.Even though the worst is way behind me. I still have scars. I’m not looking for pity, or get into a pissing contest. Just trying to let you the viewer know a little bit myself. Please Subscribe! And Hit The Bell Icon! Link Here.

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All-Star Games Still Relevant?

All-Star Games Still Relevant? Should the NBA and other sports leagues need them to be relevant? Can we do without them? Is it just a fun weekend for the fans? This year they went with a gimmick of having Team Captains pick their teams rather than the traditional Western v. Eastern Conferences. Should they continue this team captain concept next year? Should they go back to conference vs conference? Should they try another gimmick? Team USA vs Team World is always popular in sports. Please help Sports Talk With Troy Grow on YouTube by clicking  Here.

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Do Athletes Have A Right:Responsibility To Use Their Platform For Political Activism?

Do Athletes Have A Right/Responsibility To Use Their Platform For Political Action? Personally I don’t like politics. I don’t really fell comfortable talking about them. I think they do more to divide us than bring people together. However, they are a fact of life. They are more and more a part of sports. To a certain extent, politics have always been a part of sports. However it is more prominent now. Athletes as well as other participants in sports. Such as coaches, owners, media. Are given a platform that most of us are not given. They have the right to use that platform to express their political opinions. They have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us when it comes to political action and protest. This is not about rather or not we agree or disagree with their cause. It’s about their right to use their platform for political action. Do athletes have a responsibility to use their platform for political action? Like the rest of us athletes have the right to chose to be or not be politically active. There are athletes who chose to be politically active and those who chose not to be politically active. Like the rest of us they should have the choice to be or not be politically active. Please let me know what you think in the commit section. Please Subscribe to Sports Talk With Troy (Click The Icon At The End Of This Video)… . Facebook…

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Kyrie Irving Traded For Isaiah Thomas, A 1st Round Pick & More!

Published on Aug 22, 2017

Kyrie Irving Traded For Isaiah Thomas, A 1st Round Pick & More! The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics traded starting Point guards. Cleveland is sending Irving in exchange for Thomas, Cleveland will also get The Brooklyn Nets unprotected first round pick in next year’s draft. Which could wind up being the number one overall pick in the draft. Boston is also sending Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic, who was taken in the first round of this years draft. Unlike The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls who appears to gotten the short end of deals giving up their superstars Paul George and Jimmy Butler. It appears to me that Cleveland has gotten the better part of this deal. Of course we won’t know until they start playing.
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Why We Have No Right To Hate The NBA Super Team Ring/Sports Talk With Troy

Published on Jun 18, 2017

Why We Have No Right To Hate The Superteam. As long as we demand that the best athletes regardless of their sport strive to be the best, and the metric that we use to determined who the best is. Is championships won. We have no right to get mad when Kevin Durant joins the best team or LeBron James tries to put together a team that can win a championship. The super team is nothing new not just in the NBA.Please check out my channel If you like what I do here. Please Subscribe.…

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The Michael Jordan vs Lebron James Debate Is Far From Over

Published on Jun 14, 2017(3 days ago)

The Michael Jordan vs Lebron James Debate Is Far From Over. Golden State’s 4 games to 1 victory in the NBA Finals over Cleveland. Is a major victory for those who fell that Michael Jordan is the better NBA player. However, Lebron James’s career is far from over. My opinion is that he is going to be in the next 3-5 NBA Championships as the key player on those teams. With 8 in a row right now that would put him at 11-13 in a row. Even if his teams never win. No one as far as I know has done that in any major sport. Let alone the NBA
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