I am Re-Starting My Old & First YouTube Channel!

I am Re-Starting My Old & First YouTube Channel!


I started this YouTube Channel back in 2015. With a review of the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKL8QnXdKkg

My aim was to make this an all-encompassing channel. However, I kept hearing that I need to niche down. Add that to the fact that I just was not satisfied with the way this channel was going. I started two new channels. The first troygrudin (all one word) Which was basically a reboot of this channel. I consider troygrudin to be my main channel. & Sports Talk With Troy. Where I talk about sports. I am going to use this channel to talk about Mental Health/Neurologically Atypical/Learning Disabilities issues. As well as any news or political issues I fell a need to talk about. My channel troygrudin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wK4eEZtTRlvr6Bj_37kqw is where I will be posting my photos and vlogs of my travels. Sports Talk With Troy is where I will be talking about sports. Mostly boxing, football & basketball. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DnNvUpABr-ayiIMvwBJgg

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Do I Need Help Or Am I Just Making Excuses? Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience

Do I Need Help Or Am I Just Making Excuses? Just a quick rant about one of the many struggles of having an invisible disability like ADHD, being on the Autistic Spectrum, and other Learning Disabilities. Parents of kids with ADHD, ASD, other Learning Disabilities.and so forth. Please Be An Ally Not An Adversary!

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f You Like Sports As much As I Do (Sports Talk With Troy)

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Taking Our Meds. Lets Talk About Drugs. (Autistic Spectrum ADHD. L.D. Experience Monday)

I am still trying to figure out my format for my blog.  I just changed the layout.

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Taking Our Meds (Autistic Spectrum ADHD. L.D. Experience Monday) Pretty much everyone who faces the challenge of living with an invisible disability dose some kind of meditating. Rather it is prescribed by a doctor or what is often referred to as Self-Medication. Which comes in many forms.

Week In Review June 17-23 2018

I am trying something different.  In the past, I have just reposted my YouTube posts one at a time.  I am experimenting with one weekly post.  I will be posting videos from both of my channels TroyGrudin MediaArts Which is my Photography & Vlogging Channel and Sports Talk With Troy  Which is my Sports Channel.  If you don’t want to wait till my videos are posted here.  Please click the links and subscribe.

All the videos this week come from Sports Talk With Troy

Morning Mile (Day 2)

Morning Mile Day 2. Second day in a row of getting up early and running maybe more jogging a mile to start my day. I’m not trying to break records or run a personal best. Just trying to add a new routine to my life. I am not a health/fitness expert or professional. Just a guy trying to do a little extra to improve his life.

My Vegan Experiment Is Now Over

Published on Jul 30, 2017

My Vegan Experiment Is Now Over. With the information that a vegan diet might be the healthiest diet. I decided that during July I would embark on an vegan diet experiment. (I’ve made other videos about the experience). What I have discovered is that a full time vegan diet is not right for me. I think it’s true that a diet that is mostly plant/whole grain/nut/been based. Is the healthiest. However (keep in mind I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I’m just going by my own experience.) . 1. I don’t fell healthier 2. My weight has gone slightly up (not the desired effect) 3. I am either having a bowel movement or fell like I need too. 4. I am constantly passing gas.
All this being said the official end came by accident. I forgot that a meal I routinely order after some of my doctor appointments has cheddar cheese in it.
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Mile Fail 5k Success Troy’s Life Vlog #34

Published on Jun 5, 2017 TroyGrudin MediaArts YouTube

Mile Fail 5k Success Troy’s Life Vlog #34 . Please like, comment & subscribehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wK… . I planed on trying to run a mile, but into the first lap. i realized that I just didn’t have it in me. So I decided to complete a 5k using intervals.I wasn’t as fast as my last 5k. That I ran more straight through. Checkout my new Fitness Goals Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Just a Friendly Reminder There is No Connection Between Childhood Vaccines And Autism TLV #33

Published on Jun 4, 2017 .   TroyGrudin MediaArts on YouTube

Just a Friendly Reminder There is No Connection Between Childhood Vaccines And Autism Troy’s Life Vlog (TLV) #33. Even if there were lets stop pretending that Autism is somehow worse than the disease childhood vaccines prevent.