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Furlandia 2018 Day 2

Furlandia 2018 Day 2. Fursuits Dance Competition & Vlog from Day 2 of Furlandia 2018. If you see yourself or just like this video please give a like & commit down below. To be The first to see more videos like this please subscribe! YouTube Instagram Facebook (referral link)

Furlandia 2018 Day1 (Fursuits & Vlog)

To see videos like this. first, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel TroyGrudin For Sports Videos Please check out Sports Talk With Troy Furlandia 2018 Day1 (Fursuits & Vlog). Fursuit photos and vlog from the first day of Furlandia 2018. If you see yourself please let me know in the commit section! If you like what you […]

Furlandia 2018 Fursuit Parade

Furlandia 2018 Fursuit Parade. The traditional parade of fursuiters at Furlandia 2018. Furlandia is held every year in Portland Oregon. If you see yourself please leave a commit. If you like this video please like and subscribe. YouTube Link Instagram Facebook

WizardWorld 2018 Portland Cosplay and Vlog Sunday.

Cosplay Photos and Vlog from day 3 Sunday of WizardWorld Comic Con in Portland Oregon. Thank you for allowing me to take your photograph. If you spot yourself. Please let me know in the commit section. Please help my channel grow by Liking, Sharing, and of course Subscribing!

Otakon Vages 2018 Cosplay

Otakon Vegas 2018 Cosplay & Vlog Day 3. More cosplay from day 2 of Otakon Vegas. Held from Jan 19-21 2018 at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. Please check out my YouTube  Friday Saturday Sunday


I am trying something new rather than making a post for each day of EUCON 2017 I am posting all three videos in this one post.  Let me know what you think of this concept. Eugene Comic Con (EUCON) 2017 Cosplay/Vlog Eugene Comic Con or EUCON was a two day event held Saturday November 11 […]

Kumoricon Cosplay Sunday

Kumoricon Cosplay Sunday. Cosplay from Sunday at Kumoricon at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. YouTube Facebook Instagram

Kumoricon 2017 Cosplay Saturday

Kumoricon 2017 Cosplay Saturday. Cosplay photos and vlog from Saturday at Kumoricon 2017. Portland Oregon. Oregon Convention Center. Filmed with Canon G7X II and Apple iphone 7 YouTube Facebook

Kumoricon 2017 Cosplay Friday Video

Kumoricon 2017 Cosplay Friday Video. Cosplay and Vlog from the first day of Kumoricon 2017. From the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. Filmed with canon g7x mark II & apple iphone 7 YouTube Facebook  

Rose City Comic Con 2017 Sunday

TroyGrudin MediaArts/biG72 Media on YouTube Cosplay Photos and vlog from day three (Sunday) of Rose City Comic Con. Taken at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. Please subscribe by clicking on the icon at the end of the video. Facebook  

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