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Is Tom Brady The Answer For The Chargers?

Is Tom Brady The Answer For The Chargers? I may or May Not Be An Expert But I am A Long Time Fan With An Informed & Knlodgable Opinion Who Likes talking about Sports! Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy By Subscribing To My YouTube Channel!

Since leaving San Diego in 2017 for Los Angeles (Tecnacaly Carson) The Chargers have struggled to build a fan base. While The Rams who moved back from St. Louis at the same time have reestablished themselves as LA’s NFL team. There has been talk that The Chargers should go after Tom Brady. I fell Brady would be a good pick up. He’d likely make them a playoff contender and draw a lot of much-needed attention for the Chargers. However, there could be a cost. I don’t think Brady has any desire to be a mentor, and while getting Tom Brady would pay off immediately. Adding him might have long term consequences. This is a very good Qutarback draft class. I expect Joe Burrow to be taken first and therefore off the board, but there is a good chance that Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts could be on the board when the Chargers draft at 6, with Only the Dolphins likely to pick a QB before them. I fell the Chargers may have to choose between short term gratification with Tom Brady or building something for the long term by drafting a QB in the first round.

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Drew Brees moves past Payton Manning to become the all-time leader in passing touchdowns! He is also the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and number 3 in passer rating. The question is does this make him the greatest quarterback of all time? There isn’t a correct answer, but I hold Joe Montana’s & Tom Brady’s Super Bowl wins ahead of him. I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long-time fan with an informed and knowledgable opinion who likes to talk about sports! Please Subscribe It’s free & Easy Just Click This Link!

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WHY COLIN KAEPERNICK “WON” “THE WORKOUT” I think Colin Kapernick won round one. There is no guarantee that he is ever going to be on an NFL team ever again, but he got eight teams to go out of their way to take a look at him. Rather you support him or don’t. There is no way to look at this as anything but a win for Kapernick. I have the feeling that if he’s going to get back into the NFL. He might have to play in the CFL for a year. Who do you think came out ahead? Will Colin Kapernick play in the NFL Again? Please let me know in the commits. I realize that Colin Kapernick is a polarizing figure. Regardless of your views of him. Please keep your commits civil. I will delete them if I fell they cross any lines. Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing

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Should The XFL have A Younger Entry Age Than The NFL?

Should The XFL have A Younger Entry Age Than The NFL? Vince McMahon is giving his XFL football league a second go this winter/spring. It’s likely that McMahon has grand plans for the XFL. It will likely be an uphill battle. For him to achieve those plans. The NFL is too established, and other attempts to compete including the first XFL season in 2001 have failed. There may be a way for the XFL to sustain its self. That is by offering contracts to 4 & 5-star talent before they are eligible to be drafted. This would be before their Junior or Red-Shirt Sophmore seasons are complete. I think most players will opt for college, but a few might choose to play a few seasons in the XFL untell they are NFL draft-eligible. This may be enough to sustain the XFL or any upstart league

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SUPER BOWL 53 LII PREVIEW! Patriots vs. Rams.

UPER BOWL 53 LII PREVIEW! Patriots vs. Rams. Will The Tom Brady/Bill Belichick New England Patriots add a sixth Lombardi trophy to their collection? Will The Los Angeles Rams win the second in franchise history? Super Bowl 53 LII will be played in Atlanta GA. at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

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kliff Kingsbury Leaves USC To Coach The Arizona Cardinals My Thoughts& Opinions


Kliff Kingsbury Leaves USC To Coach The Arizona Cardinals My Thoughts& Opinions. Before coaching his first game or even practice USC’s home run hire offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury has taken the head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals. As A Trojans fan, This sucks, but I understand, and can’t really get mad at him for taking this opportunity. It’s now time for USC to move on and find the best possible coach to replace him.


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JUST A Quick Look At How I See The Rest Of The NFL Season Playing Out.

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AFC. Current.

  1. KC 11-3 @SEA (L), OAK (W) 12-4
  2. HOU 10-4 -0 @PHI (L),  JAX (W)    11-5
  3. NE    9-5  BUF (W) , NYJ (W)   11-5
  4. PITT 8-5-1  @ NO (L),   CIN (W).   9-6-1
  5. LAC  11-3    BAL (W),  @DEN (W)  13-3
  6. BAL   8-6     @LAC (L), CLE(W)       9-7
  7. IND    8-6    NYG (W), TEN (L)       9-7
  8. TEN  8-6     WA (W),  IND (W).     10-6

AFC Projected Playoffs.

  1. LAC  (WEST) 13-3
  2. NE (EAST)     10-6
  3. HOU (SOUTH)  11-5
  4.  PITT (NORTH)  9-6-1
  5.   KC.  (WILDCARD)   12-4
  6.  TEN. (WILDCARD)  10-6

Wild Card

6. TEN @ 3. HOU = 3. HOU

5. KC @ 4. PITT =  4. PITT

Divisional Playoffs

4. PITT @ 1. LAC = 1. LAC

3 HOU @. 2. NE. = 2 HOU

AFC Championship

2  HOU @ 1. LAC. = 1. LAC

NFC Current

  1. NO 12-2   PITT (W), CAR (W)   14-2
  2. LAR  11-3   @ARZ (W),  SF (W)  13-3
  3. CHI. 10-4   @SF (W), @MIN (L)   11-5
  4. DAL 8-6     TB (W),  NYG (W)       10-6
  5. SEA  8-6     KC (W), ARZ (W)      10-6
  6. MIN 7-6-1   @DT (L), CHI (W)      8-7-1
  7. PHI 7-7      HOU (W),  @WA (W). 9-7
  8. WA 7-7      @TEN (L), PHI (L)     7-9

NFC Projected Playoffs

  1. NO (SOUTH) 14-2
  2. LAR  (WEST) 13-3
  3. CHI (NORTH)11-5
  4. DAL  (EAST) 10-6
  5. SEA (WILDCARD) 10-6
  6. PHI (WILDCARD)  9-7


6. PHI @ 3. CHI. =  3 CHI

5.  SEA @  4. DAL  =. SEA

Divisional Playoffs

4.  SEA @ 1. NO = 1. NO

3.  CHI. @. 2.  LAR. =. 2. LAR

NFC Championship

2.  LAR @ 1. NO =. 1  NO



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College Football Top 8 For Week 6

College Football Top 8 For Week 6. NCAA Rankings for week 6. These are the eight teams who I fell are playing the best football right now. This does not reflect who I think is going to finish as one of the four playoff teams or who will beat who in the future.

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USC Trojans 3-2 State Of The Team (A Fan’s View)

USC Football 3 2 State Of The Team A Fan’s View. Going into a bye week before facing undefeated Colorado. The USC Trojans are 3-2. What’s going on with the team? This Trojans fan gives my perspective in this state of the team. Please Help Me Grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing Click Here

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JT Daniels Is USC’s Starting Quarterback! USC Football 2018!

JT Daniels Is USC’s Starting Quarterback! USC Football 2018. USC Freshman JT Daniels beat out Matt Fink & Jack Sears to earn the starting quarterback job for The USC Trojans. Daniels who was the Gatorade Player Of The Year as a High School Junior last year joins Matt Barkley as the only two true Freshmen to start a season as USC’s starting quarterback.

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Arizona Cardinals Get Josh Rosen At #10 Great Value Pick!

Arizona Cardinals Get Josh Rosen At #10 Great Value Pick! What does this born and raised USC fan think of ucla’s Josh Rosen’s NFL prospects? The answer might surprise you (clickbait). Or you can read the title of this video and have some idea. I think at #10 Arizona is getting a great deal. When he is playing Rosen is as good as any Quarterback in the draft. That is when he plays. He has a history of missing games due to injury, and that concerns me. I think having stability and constancy at QB is as important if not more important, as any stat or physical attribute. I just don’t feel confident that Josh Rosen with his injuries can be that guy. Please Subscribe It’s easy and it’s free. Just click the icon at the end of this video. Or click the subscribe button or channel link under the YouTube video. Another Free & Easy way to help me grow Sports Talk With Troy is to Use This Referal Link to download the Brave Web Browser by using the link I will receive $5 at no cost to you.

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Josh Allen Has His Flaws, But He Is A Great Fit For The Buffalo Bills!

Josh Allen Has His Flaws, But He Is A Great Fit For The Buffalo Bills! I think Josh Alen has his flaws. He’s not the most accurate passer. Playing at Wyoming who does not face the same quality as the Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson have faced. That being said I think he’s a great fit for the Buffalo Bills. I think playing in Wyoming will prepare him for the cold weather in Buffalo. Alen is also a big guy at 6′ 5″ and weighing around 230. I expressed my concerns about Size and cold weather in my Baker Mayfield video. To see how I fell about the rest of the 2018 QB draft class check out the playlist 2018 NFL Draft Quarterbacks

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