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Canelo vs Kovalev Thoughts & Catchweight Rant!

Canelo vs Kovalev Thoughts & Catchweight Rant! Welcome to Sports Talk With Troy where I may or may not be an expert, but I am a long-time fan with an informed and knowledgeable opinion! Please Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

Middleweight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez and light heavyweight champion Sergey Krusher Kovalev have been looking into facing each other. With November 2, 2019, being the planned date for the fight. The would be for Kovalev’s light heavyweight championship. Nothing is official, but it is seeming more and more likely that the fight will happen. Because Canelo is moving up from middleweight skipping super middleweight. There is speculation that the fight will be contested at a catchweight. I realize that I’m just one fan with an opinion, but I fell that if a championship is on the line in a boxing match. It should be contested at the proper weight.

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Long Term Skill Building Is More Important Than Short Term Gratification

Long Term Skill Building Is More Important Than Short Term Gratification. I post an M is For Mental Health, Wellness & Groth video on Mondays. I always Post to YouTube first!

Looking back on my own experience. Everything that I went through that was supposed to help me with my Invisible Disabilities. Was either about short term gratification or making life for those around me easier. When it should have been about my long term development so I could best navigate a world I’m not built for. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel “TroyGrudin” by clicking the link above!

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WHAT’S NEXT FOR VASILIY LOMACHENKO AFTER BEATING LUKE CAMPBELL? Please help me grow Sports Talk With Troy by Subscribing… I think the long term plan is to fight the winner of Richard Commey and Teofimo Lopez who are supposed to fight late this year or early next year for Commey’s IBF lightweight championship. However, waiting for that fight would have Lomachenko out of the ring for almost a year. It’s possible that Lomachenko could go back down to super featherweight for a fight before facing the Commey/Lopez winner for the Undisputed lightweight championship. Lomachenko vs. Gervonta (Tank) Davis is something of a dream match. He recently dropped his WBA Super featherweight championship and is looking to move up to lightweight. There are promotional issues that will always make Lomachenko vs. Davis a challenge to make. However, if they can get past them this might be the best time to make that fight! The fight however that makes the most sense is Lomachenko vs. WBC super featherweight champion Miguel Berchelt. Berchelt is a very good boxer with a good record. There are also not the promotional and television broadcasting issues that will likely get in the way of Lomachenko vs Davis. #vasiliylomachenko#loma#lomachenko#hi-tech #boxing

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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth

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Social Skills Matter! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Groth. I do my best to make an M is For Mental Health, Wellness & Groth video every Monday! You can help by Liking this video and Subscribing!

I don’t think there is anything more valuable than social skills, and I feel the only way to develop them is through experience when a person is young. For those of us who deal with invisible disabilities Such as ADHD, Autism & other Learning Disabilities. Our parents often feel a need to protect us in a way that keeps us from experiencing and developing our social skills.

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Vasiliy Lomachenko Beats Luke Campbell Immediate Reaction!

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Vasiliy Lomachenko Beats Luke Campbell Immediate Reaction!
Vasiliy Lomachenko adds the WBC lightweight championship to his WBA & WBO championships with a 12 round decision over Luke Campbell at the O2 Arena in London.
While I thought Campbell fought as smart and good of a fight as he could have. He had his moments. I fell that Lomachenko clearly won the fight. I also fell that if it wasn’t for Campbell’s double lege takedown of Lomachenko in the 12th round Lomachenko who scored a knockdown in the 11th round would have at least scored a second knockdown in the 12th round.

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income UBI Part 2. Saving Our Planet!

I apologize this is a long post. Which is why I am breaking these UBI posts up. 
Experts are starting to tell us that we are fast approaching midnight on the Environmental Doomsday Clock! 
So what does UBI have to do with all this? Why do I think UBI can help “save the day”? It’s my opinion that those who are fighting for the changes that need to happen are fighting the wrong battle. They view it as an issue of education. “We need more education!” Long term this is correct. However, in the short term which is more important. It’s an economic issue.
I am fully aware that this is a global, not just American issue. The Amazon is on fire as I type this. I also realize that making the switch from fossil fuels (oil/gas/coal) into renewables (solar/wind). Won’t in and of its self save the day, but it is something we should have already started doing. 
This means a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. There is no way around this. I think when your ability to take care of yourself and your family is under threat. You might tend to have a very narrow view of things. It’s easy for me to sit here and say I’d make that sacrifice, but I don’t support myself or a family working in an industry like oil or coal. 
What about training them for “Jobs of the future”? The push for learning coding is the most known example. The problem is that they are jobs of the future and not the jobs of the present. This means that the next generation coming up will be more prepared for them. I think a lot of us are underestimating how many of these jobs will be automated away. Even coding. There might be more to coding than building websites, but I do know there is no need to build one from scratch. Thanks to the likes of WordPress, Wix & Squarespace. Even if we implement the Green New Deal and its WPA like program. It might be the younger generation that gets those jobs. I want to talk about the GND in another post.
So how does UBI Save our planet? It gives people who due to the necessary changes. That we have to make. Are going to lose their job and ability to take care of themselves & their families a cushion to help pay the bills and prepare for the jobs in our future economy.

In my last post, I said I wanted to talk a little bit more about The Green New Deal (GND). What I want to talk about is the part about giving everyone jobs in “green” sectors. I want to start by pointing out that UBI is not mutually exclusive with programs that help us find employment and/or have fair compensation for our time. (More on 15/hour minimum wage in another post). 
As I said before. We are likely near midnight on the environmental doomsday clock, and while it won’t fix everything transforming from fossil fuels to renewables is a necessary step. That means we will need to build solar and wind farms. We may also be able to harness ocean waves as well. You might be thinking. We need people to build all these improvements and GND will provide those jobs. I have to ask do these jobs provide sustainable employment? It might take 100 people to build a solar or wind farm. As well as setting up the mechanisms to harness energy from waves. However, it might take only 10 to run them. I’m no math whiz, but that seems to be a lot more temporary jobs than long term ones. 
There is nothing wrong with temporary employment, and we might already be headed in that direction anyway (gig economy). With or without a GND. However, this means we will lack job security and may have long periods of not being able to create income. 
I don’t want to give you the idea that I am opposed to a GND and any WPA program it might have. I just want to show you that this alone will not be enough. We need something else to help us pay our bills and take care of ourselves and our families. 
Job creation programs and higher wages won’t be able to do it alone. UBI is the best way to fill in the gaps. UBI is meant to supplement employment not replace it. (more on that later too).

Universal Basic Income

Making A Case For Universal Basic Income UBI Part 1 An Introduction.

An Introduction

I have felt this way even before Andrew Yang announced his candidacy. I believe we need some sort of UBI. Sooner rather than later.

What lead me to the conclusion that UBI will be necessary and not a luxury?
It was a few things TBH.
First, as some of my friends here on facebook were championing a $15 per hour minimum wage. Others were posting memes of the automated kiosks and checkout machines that could replace some of the labor force.
I also saw first hand that my grocery store took out some human managed check out stands with 4 automatic ones. It’s easy to say those are “unskilled” jobs, and I will get myself education/training and get a job that is safe from automation. However, another thing happened in my life that made me realize that even jobs that take training and for a lack of any better term “skills” are also going to fall to automation. I also realized that investing could be done through websites and apps. Some of which not only eliminates the need to hire a stock broker but in some cases a financial planner. (Doing my research Robo Advisors are required to act as fiduciaries.) This made me realize that it is not going to be just the “unskilled jobs” but also the “skilled”/educated jobs that automation is going to replace.

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The Voices That Need To Be Heard! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth! S1E4

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The Voices That Need To Be Heard! M Is For Mental Health Wellness & Growth! S1E4.
I do my best to give you a video on Invisible Disabilities based on my personal experience every Monday! 
I feel that voices like mine. People who actually live with the challenges of being on the Autistic Spectrum or ADHD or having a Learning Disability, and so forth are not listened to enough and the for lack of a better word “Academic” voice gets too much of a voice.

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It Looks Like Anthony Joshua Will Get His Rematch Against Andy Ruiz As Planed

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It Looks Like Anthony Joshua Will Get His Rematch Against Andy Ruiz As Planed. Unless something happens and with boxing, you never know. The Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz rematch on December 7the will take place in Saudi Arabia. As you might recall Ruiz who upset Joshua in June was resistant to the location of the rematch.
Regardless of where the rematch takes place, it may give us the answers to some unanswered questions from the first fight.

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Gennady Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko For The IBF Middleweight Championship!

Originally Posted to Channel Sports Talk With Troy!
Gennady Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko For The IBF Middleweight Championship! GGG is back as he takes on Sergiy The Technician Derevyanchenko in October at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the Vacant IBF Middleweight Championship!

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World Boxing Super Series 140 Pound Final Is Back On!

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World Boxing Super Series 140 Pound Final Is Back On!
The World Boxing Super Series Final between Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor is back on! Last week Prograis pulled out of the fight

Taylor holds the IBF championship and holds the WBA and a share of the WBC along with Jose Carlos Ramirez who beat Maurice Hooker last month to take the WBO championship. Ideally, the winner of Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor will face Jose Carlos Ramirez for the undisputed championship!

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Making A Case For Sports Therapy For Invisible Disabilities!

Making A Case For Sports Therapy For Invisible Disabilities! In my life dealing with my own invisible disabilities. I fell nothing has helped me more then physical exercise and participation in sports. It has helped to improve my eye-hand coordination, and how to work with others. What kind of sports do I think are best for someone like myself? I really like team sports like football, basketball, soccer, water polo, baseball or volleyball for example. When it comes to individual sports. I think combat sports like boxing or MMA. Since when you train you to work with a partner. However, at the end of the day, the best sport is the one you or your kid will willingly participate in.