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My Plans For 2020 & Beyond!

My Plans For 2020 & Beyond! I thought I might share my plans for this channel for 2020 and beyond. I made a similar video for my Sports Talk With Troy Channel

First of all Cosplay photography and Convention experiences is the core of this channel. My goal is to expand beyond my comfort zone of the Pacific Northwest. I also want to work up the courage to ask more cosplayers for interviews. I want to share more travel experiences. Another thing related to photography is more camera reviews. I want to talk more about the Invisible disabilities or as I prefer to call them challenges that I deal with in my life. I started a series called M is for Mental Health Wellness & Groth that I was posting on Mondays. I might go back to something like that. With a Presidential election coming up. I am thinking about talking about current events. Some but not all related to the challenges that I deal with in my life. I hope you will join me in the upcoming year and beyond! The best way to be updated is to subscribe and hit the bell notification!

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