Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income UBI Part 2. Saving Our Planet!

I apologize this is a long post. Which is why I am breaking these UBI posts up. 
Experts are starting to tell us that we are fast approaching midnight on the Environmental Doomsday Clock! 
So what does UBI have to do with all this? Why do I think UBI can help “save the day”? It’s my opinion that those who are fighting for the changes that need to happen are fighting the wrong battle. They view it as an issue of education. “We need more education!” Long term this is correct. However, in the short term which is more important. It’s an economic issue.
I am fully aware that this is a global, not just American issue. The Amazon is on fire as I type this. I also realize that making the switch from fossil fuels (oil/gas/coal) into renewables (solar/wind). Won’t in and of its self save the day, but it is something we should have already started doing. 
This means a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. There is no way around this. I think when your ability to take care of yourself and your family is under threat. You might tend to have a very narrow view of things. It’s easy for me to sit here and say I’d make that sacrifice, but I don’t support myself or a family working in an industry like oil or coal. 
What about training them for “Jobs of the future”? The push for learning coding is the most known example. The problem is that they are jobs of the future and not the jobs of the present. This means that the next generation coming up will be more prepared for them. I think a lot of us are underestimating how many of these jobs will be automated away. Even coding. There might be more to coding than building websites, but I do know there is no need to build one from scratch. Thanks to the likes of WordPress, Wix & Squarespace. Even if we implement the Green New Deal and its WPA like program. It might be the younger generation that gets those jobs. I want to talk about the GND in another post.
So how does UBI Save our planet? It gives people who due to the necessary changes. That we have to make. Are going to lose their job and ability to take care of themselves & their families a cushion to help pay the bills and prepare for the jobs in our future economy.

In my last post, I said I wanted to talk a little bit more about The Green New Deal (GND). What I want to talk about is the part about giving everyone jobs in “green” sectors. I want to start by pointing out that UBI is not mutually exclusive with programs that help us find employment and/or have fair compensation for our time. (More on 15/hour minimum wage in another post). 
As I said before. We are likely near midnight on the environmental doomsday clock, and while it won’t fix everything transforming from fossil fuels to renewables is a necessary step. That means we will need to build solar and wind farms. We may also be able to harness ocean waves as well. You might be thinking. We need people to build all these improvements and GND will provide those jobs. I have to ask do these jobs provide sustainable employment? It might take 100 people to build a solar or wind farm. As well as setting up the mechanisms to harness energy from waves. However, it might take only 10 to run them. I’m no math whiz, but that seems to be a lot more temporary jobs than long term ones. 
There is nothing wrong with temporary employment, and we might already be headed in that direction anyway (gig economy). With or without a GND. However, this means we will lack job security and may have long periods of not being able to create income. 
I don’t want to give you the idea that I am opposed to a GND and any WPA program it might have. I just want to show you that this alone will not be enough. We need something else to help us pay our bills and take care of ourselves and our families. 
Job creation programs and higher wages won’t be able to do it alone. UBI is the best way to fill in the gaps. UBI is meant to supplement employment not replace it. (more on that later too).


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