Universal Basic Income

Making A Case For Universal Basic Income UBI Part 1 An Introduction.

An Introduction

I have felt this way even before Andrew Yang announced his candidacy. I believe we need some sort of UBI. Sooner rather than later.

What lead me to the conclusion that UBI will be necessary and not a luxury?
It was a few things TBH.
First, as some of my friends here on facebook were championing a $15 per hour minimum wage. Others were posting memes of the automated kiosks and checkout machines that could replace some of the labor force.
I also saw first hand that my grocery store took out some human managed check out stands with 4 automatic ones. It’s easy to say those are “unskilled” jobs, and I will get myself education/training and get a job that is safe from automation. However, another thing happened in my life that made me realize that even jobs that take training and for a lack of any better term “skills” are also going to fall to automation. I also realized that investing could be done through websites and apps. Some of which not only eliminates the need to hire a stock broker but in some cases a financial planner. (Doing my research Robo Advisors are required to act as fiduciaries.) This made me realize that it is not going to be just the “unskilled jobs” but also the “skilled”/educated jobs that automation is going to replace.


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