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I Lost My Glasses A Short True Life Story

I Lost My Glasses A short True Life Story. On the way to the gym. I was wearing my sunglasses and placed my prescription glasses in the pocket I also keep my phone in. My guess is that when I took my phone out to check the time my glasses fell out and I did not notice. I really liked those frames, as a matter of fact, I just had an eye exam and was having new lenses made for them. There is a silver lining. If that’s the right term to use here. A few years back someone left a pair of glasses lying around my home. After talking to my housemates no one could figure out who they belonged to. I liked those frames and used them for my next pair of glasses. I hope that someone found my glasses yesterday and is putting them to good use for themselves. So I am without glasses for a week or two. Unless I misplaced them in my room somehow.


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