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Boxing Must Enact Protocols To Best Protect Its Participants

Boxing is the subject that I fell the most comfortable and confident talking about, and that does not just go for sports. Sop when tragedies happen in boxing like they did this weekend. I fell I need to talk about what can be done to best prevent future tragedies from happening.

Boxing Must Enact Protocols To Best Protect Its Participants every boxer who gets into the ring knows there are risks. They know that they might not come out the ring the same or at all. These risks are not exclusive to boxing, but I believe magnified in boxing. This includes other combat sports as well as non-combat sports. Just because these risks are understood. It does not mean these risks should be accepted or understood as “part of the game”. There needs to be standardized rules and protocols in place, that are not subject to Athletic Commission or Sanctioning Bodie’s selectivity. I am not a doctor or a medical professional, but I do have some suggestions. Have a trained medical professional in each corner to observe the boxer to look for any indications something might be wrong. The referee can stop a fight to allow a doctor to decide if a cut is bad enough to end a fight. Also, allow the referee to stop the fight and have a doctor look over the boxer f they feel something might be wrong. Get boxes to post-fight medical exams and to any medical help they need right after the fight. If the placement of padding inside boxing gloves makes a difference. Standardize the gloves. The truth is that even with the best protocols in place we can’t prevent something bad from ever happening. However, we can greatly reduce the risk and how often they happen.


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