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The Status Of My Channel /I’m Thinking About Starting A Patreon (Just Another Youtuber Ranting)

The Status Of My ChannelĀ //I’m Thinking About Starting A Patreon (Just Another Youtuber Ranting). Going over my analytics my cosplay photography and vlogging videos are much more popular than my invisible disabilities (ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Issues, Learning Disabilities…) Vlogs are. I would like to do more of the cosplay photography and vlogging videos. Along with traveling to sports events for my Sports Talk with Troy YouTube channelĀ

The thing is that these things cost money that I don’t always have. This is something I hope to talk about in one of my invisible disability vlogs. I don’t feel I have enough subscribers or views to ask you to contribute to a Patreon (I am also not sure what I give you besides early videos as a return for your investment.) Please help me grow by Subscribing! I have a goal of 100 subscribers before starting a Patreon (or any other kind of crowdfunding source)


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