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Talking About My Mental Health Issues

Why I fell I Need To Talk About My Mental Health Issues. I often Find talking about my experiences with ADHD, Autistic Issues, and Learning Disabilities. Can open old wounds and be painful. However, I was watching an interview with Mauro Ranallo promoting the documentary about his battle with Bipolar Affective Disorder, and it made me realize that as someone with real-life experience. I need to talk about it more and in a public place. Because I fell there is a lot of information from people who might study mental health issues, but they don’t experience them, and I think they can give out unintentionally bad and harmful information. Please Subscribe It truly helps me grow this channel. YouTube Link Check out my Instagram @tfgrudin (mostly cosplay) If you use this link to download Brave (Web Browser). I receive $5 at no cost to you that will help me grow this channel.


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