Sports Talk With Troy 10/15/2017 NCAA Top 16 and Conference Championship Games Outlook.

1. Alabama (SEC West)
2.Georgia (SEC East)
3.TCU (Big 12)
4. Pen State (Big Ten East)
5. Wisconsin (Big Ten West)
6. Miami (ACC Atlantic)
7. Clemson (ACC Costal)
8.Ohio State (Big Ten East)
9. Washington (Pac 12 North)
10. USC (Pac 12 South)
11. Washington State (Pac 12 North
12.Oklahoma (Big 12)
13. Notre Dame
14Oklahoma State
15. Michigan State (Big Ten East)
16. Michigan (Big Ten East)

Conference Championship Games (Based on current rankings)
Pac-12 Championship Game Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara, CA
9.Washington (Pac 12 North)/10.USC (Pac 12 South)
Big 12 Championship Game AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX
SEC Championship Game Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA 1. Alabama (SEC West)/2.Georgia (SEC East)
ACC Championship Game Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC 6. Miami (ACC Atlantic)/7. Clemson (ACC Costal)
Big Ten Championship Game Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN 4. Pen State (Big Ten East)/5. Wisconsin (Big Ten West)




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