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Rose City Comic Con Ticket/Badge Issue

Published on Aug 28, 2017

Rose City Comic Con allows attendees to have their badges mailed to them. Last year I don’t think it was an option, and they just mailed them out if you ordered your badge by a certain day. Which I did. I found not having to wait in line to pick up my badge last year very convenient. So this year given the option of picking my badge up at the con or having it mailed to me. I chose to have it mailed to me.
On their Facebook page Rose City Comic Con stated that if you didn’t get your badge by a certain day to contact them. Which I did. I found out that for whatever reason my badge was returned to sender. I was worried that I would either have to buy a new badge for the weekend, buy a badge each day or worse not be able to get a badge at all. Fortunately I will be able to pick a badge up at the con, and waiting in line really isn’t that bad. I felt that the people at RCCC that I was in contact were very helpful. I’m looking forward to RCCC, and if you see me there please say hello.…


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