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Floyd Mayweather Stops Conor McGregor In 10!

Published on Aug 27, 2017

I thought McGregor won the first four rounds. Mayweather rounds 5-9 before stopping McGregor in the 10th round. Maywather’s corners laid out a game plan to start going to work after the fourth round. Even though I thought McGregor won the third and fourth rounds, but I felt the tide of the fight was changing in the third and fourth rounds. Maywether started to find his rhythm in the 5th round. McGregor started to gas out and Mayweather put McGregor on the backfoot. McGregor had his moments post round 4. Even hurting Mayweather at the start of the ninth round. However by the end of that round. Mayweather had taken over, and it was only a matter of time. The fight came to an end when Mayweather lnded a series of uncontested punches in the tenth round. It was a good stoppage. McGregor was not defending himself. Conditioning avoiding fatigue is every much a part of boxing as landing and (maybe more importantly)avoiding punches. The fight was more competitive than I thought it was going to be. McGregor did his best not to waste energy, but he didn’t have the stamina to keep up. It takes more energy to go backwards than it does to go forwards. Mayweather’s accurate punches and pressure wore him down. I noticed in watching McGregor Hilights from his MMA career and the footage of his sparring sessions with Paulie Malignaggi & Chris van Heerden that McGregor leaves his head unprotected when he punches. Going into the fight I thought that was the key factor of the fight. Mayweather took advantage landing clean counter punches over the top of McGregor’s punches.
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