Why Is My kid’s Room Always A Mess? My Autistic Spectrum:ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Why Is My kid’s Room Always A Mess? My Autistic Spectrum:ADHD:Learning Disabilities Experience.
When I was growing up and even as an adult. My room is almost always a mess. This drove my Mom who enjoyed organizing things nuts. Perhaps you don’t have the same passion for organizing things , but despite your best efforts. Their room is a constantly a disaster area. You’ve tried everything. Making them clean it. Cleaning it yourself. Even hiring a professional organizer? A week latter it’s a disaster area again.
First of all their room may be more organized than you think. I always have a spot for everything I need. From my experience. Not caring how my room looked came from a desire to establish my own identity. My version of teenage rebellion. As I’ve gotten older. I have come to believe that teenage rebellion is a normal and healthy thing. It’s sometimes difficult for someone with any kind of learning disability to do. I believe there is more outside pressure on us to conform than our neurologically typical peers. At the end of the day there are good reasons to have your kids clean their rooms. It’s just not worth pulling your hair out when it becomes a mess again.

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