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My Autistic Spectrum ADHD Learning Disabilities Experience A Short Video about What I focus On & Why

Published on Jul 7, 2017

A Short Video about What I focus On & Why. I know I might be repeating myself in this video, but I think things that are important are worth repeating. This video is a quick video where briefly go over what I feel are the two core things for parents to know.
1. Vaccines don’t have any relationship to Autism and Prevent diseases that are far worse.
2. Equally as important. What your child needs is experience. They might struggle. They might not be any good at things. They might get frustrated. At the end of the day that’s all ok. Just Don’t Let them sit on the sidelines of life. No matter the topic of my video I try to get viewers to check out my channel.… If your in any way informed and entertained by this or any of my videos, Please consider a subscribe.


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