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Why I Talk About My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience Troy’s Life Vlog #39

Why I Talk About My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience. The Second in my “Why” series. Check out part 1. Why Episode 1: Photography Troy’s Life Vlog #37…
1. It can be therapeutic to talk about them, and it’s much less expensive than seeing a therapist. I have also never found therapists to be helpful.
2. I know I’m not alone in my situation. I know when your young it can fell like you are. A lot of people struggle with these issues, and in some sense we’re in this together.
3. The anti-vaccine movement must be stopped. Every “study” connecting vaccines to autism has been debunked. As hard as it can be to deal with being on the Autistic Spectrum, and as challenging as it can be for parents. the disease childhood vaccines prevent. Are far worse. No one has the right to turn their children into walking biological bombs.
4. Parants I know when your being over protective. You mean well. I know you want what’s best for your children who deal with these issues, and those who don’t, but sometimes you can be over protective of those of us who do. More so than those who don’t. If you have a child who is on the spectrum, has ADHD or any Learning Disability focus on what’s possible not what’s impossible. There is no guarantee that they will have success. However, they will learn and grow more if you focus on the possible and not the impossible.
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