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Is YouTube Monetization Dead? Troy’s Life Vlog #27

Published on May 14, 2017(2 days ago)

Is YouTube Monetization Dead? Troy’s Life Vlog #27. I have noticed that my videos have no adds despite being monetized. I understand that most advertisers have decided not to let their adds be seen on controversial and offensive videos. I don’t think any of my videos are controversial and/or offensive. This has lead me to conclude that since adds cost money, and since the idea of buying adds is to have them seen by as many people as possible. They may not be placing adds on lesser known channels like mine. It seems that the only way to make any money from YouTube is through Patron or other crowdfunding sources, affiliate marketing, use your videos to sell a product, or get a sponsorship. All of which takes a certain number of views and subscribers. By the way if you fell so inclined Please Subscribe…


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