Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Jacobs Preview & Prediction

As I write this we are just hours away from the most important middleweight boxing match in years Gennady(GGG)Golovkin Who holdsthe WBC, IBF, IBO, and a share of the WBA middleweight championships.  Takes on Daniel (The Miracle Man) Jacobs) Who also holds a share of the WBA middleweight championship.  Due to missing a day of fight weigh in Jacobs will not be fighting for the IBF championship.

Golovkin who has 36 wins with 33 of those wins by knockout.  He has no losses or draws on his record is the odds on favorite.  He is known for his power, but the 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist does have some good boxing skills of his own.  Jacobs who is the taller longer man at 6′ 0″ and a reach of 73″ to that of Golovkin’s 5′ 10½″ and 70” reach comes into the fight with a record of 32 wins with 29 by knockout.  He has one loss by knockout to Dmitry Pirog.  A talented Russian boxer who’s career was cut short due to injury.  Jacobs also has an excellent amateur background, and in my opinion is a slightly better boxer than Golovkin.

Golovkin’s last opponent Kell Brook may have laid out a blueprint on how to bet the unbeaten middleweight champion.  Brook who is the current IBF welterweight champion was able to shift side to side and create angles that bothered Golovkin.  He may have hurt him more than Golovkin would like to admit.  Jacobs who is a bigger man than Brook is is more than capable of applying this strategy against Golovkin.  Here is the problem for Jacobs.  Golovkin is strong.  Even when he was losing rounds.  Golovkin was hurting and wearing Brook down.  Jacobs is bigger and stronger than Brook so he should be able to handle more from Golovkin, but he has been stopped and drooped before.  I don’t think there are many boxers who can beat Golovkin, and Jacobs is on that very short list.  However he has to be perfect for every second of the fight.

I fell both Golovkin and Jacobs need to fight smart.  Establish their jabs and set things up.  For Jacobs this means using his jab and boxing skills to create the above mentioned angles.  As good as Golovkin’s power is.  You can’t knockout what you can’t hit.  I fell Golovkin needs to aproch this fight the same way he fought David Lemieux.  Be patient don’t rush things, and set things up for the latter rounds.

In his fight against Peter Quillin who is a good puncher, but no where near as dangerous as Golovkin is.  Jacobs came out and rushed Quillin and stopped him in the first round.  When Golovkin has an opponent who he fells can’t hurt him.  He is know to go on the hunt from the opening bell.  Both Jacobs and Golovkin are smart boxers with real punching power.  Either boxer using this kind of strategy will likely result in disaster.  However, taking the other guy by surprise.  Pushing him back, putting him on the defensive may result in an early stoppage win.

I think Jacobs like Brook did is going to get off to an early lead in the fight.  I think at the end of six rounds he could be up as much as four to six rounds.  However, I think we will be see that Golovkin is starting to wear Jacobs down.  I think in rounds 7 & 8 Jacobs will continue to do some good work, but Golovkin will clearly hurt him in those rounds.  Unless there are knockdowns.  The judges will have to decide who’s work they like better.  I think rounds 9-12 if the fight lasts that long will go to Golovkin.  If the fight goes to the score cards Jacobs may have put enough of the early rounds in the bank, (assuming that he didn’t get knocked down in any of the rounds he lost.) to win a close decision.  However I don’t think the fight is going to the score cards.  I think Golovkin stoops Jacobs in the 9th or 10th round.  In a fight where both GGG and The Miracle Man give excellent accounts of themselves.



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