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My Autistic Spectrum and ADHD Experience Why I’m Angry

Published on Jan 19, 2017

As someone who has lived ADHD, Autistic Spectrum and other learning disability issues. I can find myself struggling with the most mundane of tasks. Even when I don’t want to admit it. I need help with them. There is often a temptation of parents and teachers (Including my own) to be over protective. To either do or have someone do the challenging tasks for us. I understand this is done out of love. However in doing this you are prevent your children from having the experience they need to become the complete person they deserve to be. There is no substitute for experience. An easier task is not the same thing. Don’t worry that your child won’t be the best or even good at a lot of things. It’s the experience that is the most important part. About a week ago for my Sports and Learning Disabilities series. I made a video titled I’m Better At It Now Than I Was Before… If you let your child do challenging things they may or may not be the best or very good at them, but there will be a time where they can say I’m better at it now than I was before. This will help them with not only in gaining valuable experience, but also give them a much needed boast in self esteem.
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