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Sports and Learning Disabilities I’m Better At It Now Than I Was Before

Published on Jan 9, 2017

My newest video in my Sports and Learning Disabilities series. Which is part of my My Autistic Spectrum and ADHD Experience playlist .… Success is not about being the best, or even being very good at something. It’s about improving, and doing better than you’ve done at it than before. If you fallow this channel you know that I’m a boxing fan. I have since moved my boxing videos to a new channel.…. A few years ago I decided to go to a boxing gym to learn how to box. I’ve never been the most coordinated person in the world, and three plus years latter. I still might not be very good at it, but I’m better at now than I was before, because I have stuck with it. That makes me feel good about myself. from my experience self esteem and self worth are the most important and over looked issues when it comes to Autistic Spectrum, ADHD and Learning Disability issues. Seeing the improvement in my self, and being told I’m improving by others really helps with my self esteem and self worth. So if your a parent with a child who deals with Autistic Spectrum ADHD or any kind of Learning Disability and your concerned that they might not be good at any sport or any activity that requires eye hand coordination. Let them take part. They may not ever be very good, but If they stick with it there will be a day that will come sooner than you think where they will see and you will see. They are better at it now than they were before


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