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How and Why I got Into Boxing Part 1

Published on Jul 8, 2016

I have decided to make a series of videos talking about how and why I got into boxing. This first video in the series is an introduction to both myself and how I got into the sport. This series is a work in progress
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One thought on “How and Why I got Into Boxing Part 1

  1. I never really followed boxing on TV or even read much about it. It wasn’t until I was on a boat and learned to hit a speed bag and shadowbox in my spare time that I fell in love with the sport itself. I wanted to learn more and more of the techniques. It’s a strange choice when compared to other forms of fighting in that you’re only allowed to use your hands but that in itself is one of the key reasons I love it so much. There’s something very gentlemanly about it all. Like no wonder it’s sometimes called “The Noble Art”. The techniques are difficult in itself but to actually be able to spar and fight against someone takes the skill set to another level. It’s such a multi-faceted sport. and utterly beautiful in its intricacy. My greatest regret is I found it too late at 37 years old but even at my age, I still think I can make myself into a decent boxer and I’m willing to apply myself. It’s just a wonderful sport that professionally is too often tarnished by the business side and is misunderstood (in my opinion) by many others that want to ban it. Boxing has saved the lives of kids who would have ended up on the streets as criminals or drug addicts. That’s part of its power and beauty. I have to admit, I’m utterly in love with it.

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