My Social Skills or The Lack Of

It’s common for The Autistic Spectrum to have challenges when it comes to socializing. Myself included. I don’t offer any solutions. I have my own theories, but didn’t fell right about discussing them at this time. However I fell that it can be therapeutic to just express one’s experiences.
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Published by Troy Grudin (TroyGrudinMediaArts)

A little bit of everything, Sports mostly Boxing, Cosplay Conventions, Travel, My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience, & a Vlog! I have a passion for photographing and videoing people who are active and creative. I am also an avid selfie taker. Something I have been doing before selfie was a word. I vlog about my experience dealing with Autistic Spectrum Issues, Boxing, and am planing on starting a personal daily or almost daily vlog.

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