EUCON 2015 Part 2

Full album:

Welcome to part 2 of my first time photographing cosplayers.

If I learned anything from a photographer’s point of view.  It was to have business cards with the places that your subjects can find their photos.  In my attempt to be as professional as possible.  It was important for me to not only have permission to take their picture, but to also make sure if it was ok to post it online.  Most of the time I got a simple yes.  No one I asked turned me down.  After asking there was a short pause, and we went on our way.  However, there were a few cosplayers who wanted to know where they might be able to find their pictures.  This is where I needed to have business cards.  What I did have was a note pad in which i would write out my Facebook and WordPress.  However, my writing even printing can be bad at times. Especially when I’m nervous.  I think this will be my topic for part 3.


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