Are Video Games Real?


You will have to forgive any back ground noise.  I recorded this in the middle of class.  I was a little nervous to do this.  Not because I wanted to avoid background noise, but I don’t like being a performer, but I realized that rather I’m “on stage” or “behind the scenes”  Anyone who takes part in any form of art is a performer rather we like it or not.

In my project which I call “Troy’s Thoughts”  I ask rather or not video games are real.  Now of course to the person playing the game in real life they are not.  However what about the actors on the screen?  Is the game a reality to them or are they also experiencing a game as well.  I came up with this idea walking and thinking something I do a lot and realized that killing is a very common thing in video games.  I think that they are games within the game what do you think?


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