froknowsphoto_logo1 Always wearing a “I Shoot Raw” T-shirt.  Jared Polin aka Fro Knows Photo offers both product reviews, and advice/critiques for photographers on his blog.  He also has a weekly show on YouTube called “RAW Talk” where he talks about the latest in photography news as well as interviews with other photographers.  I’m going to post the YouTube video (“Raw Talk 111….”) that hooked me on Fro  Watch from 49:20 to 51:46, 56:34 to 56:52, 57:19 to 1:02.14, 1:05.55 to 1:06.59, 1:10.30 to 1:12.05, 1:21.38 to 1:23.29,  The theme to these bits is that quality work is the key to having success as a photographer,  This is especially true in an age of advancing photographic technology.  That allows more and more people to be photographers.  I am going to quote myself from my first post ” I’m interested to see where technology is going to take us.  It seems that things are getting smaller and easier to use.  This means that  more people will be able to express themselves creatively.  I think those of us looking for careers in the media arts.  We should embrace this.  It means we must produce quality”  I have always felt this way.  The video really hammered this home when I first saw it.  The written blog is what I’d call videocentric.  with his videos linked into his posts.  He can and will break out in to song at the drop of a hat. Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.06.42 PM

Published by Troy Grudin (TroyGrudinMediaArts)

A little bit of everything, Sports mostly Boxing, Cosplay Conventions, Travel, My Autistic Spectrum/ADHD/Learning Disabilities Experience, & a Vlog! I have a passion for photographing and videoing people who are active and creative. I am also an avid selfie taker. Something I have been doing before selfie was a word. I vlog about my experience dealing with Autistic Spectrum Issues, Boxing, and am planing on starting a personal daily or almost daily vlog.


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  2. I really enjoyed the logo of this site. It instantly draws you to wanting to read it.


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