SP 15-P2 Scavenger Hunt

Multimedia Design Scanenger Hunt.

Places of interest to the student of Arts at Lane Community College In Eugene Oregon. Teresa officeTeresa’s Office Door design

The Big Blue Wall Blue Cyc Wall

Equipment checkout The Equipment Checkout

Art Gallery DoorThe Art Gallery (Also a self portrait)


Reference DeskReference Desk

Silver sculputureThe Large Silver Sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building. (self portrait #2)

MJK DoorThe Office of Mary Jo Kreindel

Bus StopBus Stop

Christina Slater Office.The office of Media Arts advisor  Christina Salter

Inside b17 Leaving The Commons area of building 17 aka The Indy Lab

FlagsFlags hanging from the ceiling of the Students First Building

constructionSomeday The Lane Community College will be magnificent.  It will still be in the middle of nowhere.  (Expand Down Town!)


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