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About ME! Troy Grudin (troygrudinmediaarts)

Welcome to my Media Arts Blog!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Troy Grudin and I study Multimedia Design at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon.  My professional goals in this field are in Photography and Video Production.  My dream career would be to photograph and or video Sports and Music Events, anything with people in action.  I would likely need a “day job” to make ends meet.  Even if it’s not in the media arts.

This might sound weird but even though I don’t really play video/computer games.  I’m kind of fascinated by them.  I see them as a form of story telling by both the producer of the game and its players.

I might be in the minority with this opinion.  However I prefer color over black and white photography.  Particular in capturing events and moments.  I see photography not only as an art form, but also as a form of documentation.  The more accurately you can document an event the better.  I’m not arguing that black and white is bad.  My favorite photo not taken by myself is black and white. tumblr_mbdnawTEX51qm9rypo1_1280  (Hy Peskin Carmen Basilio after beating Tony DeMarco).  I’m interested to see where technology is going to take us.  It seems that things are getting smaller and easier to use.  This means that  more people will be able to express themselves creatively.  I think those of us looking for careers in the media arts.  We should embrace this.  It means we must produce quality and it gives a chance to pass our wisdom down.



5 thoughts on “About ME! Troy Grudin (troygrudinmediaarts)

  1. I agree with you on the color photo preference. I prefer them as well. I used to wonder as a kid if we dreamt in black and white or in color. Of course, we dream in color as that is what we see. I realized it when I I had a dream with bright yellow flowers.

  2. I’m also with you on the color v. b+w debate. One can achieve great dynamic shots using only black and white, but color gives us a much richer/complete vision. Color is all about what we see, and black/white more about what we don’t/can’t see.

  3. I agree with you on the color over black and white debate. I remember when I was a really young kid I enjoyed watching color tv shows over shows that were in black and white. Not until I was older that I got into shows such as the three stooges.

  4. You’re right on track in Media Arts to pursue photography and video production. Glad that your post has others thinking about black & white vs color photography…I love all photography…taking pics myself and strolling through a gallery or simply on a laptop enjoying others work.There is something about b&w photojournalism that tugs at me…old “war shots”/”homeless shots” are incredibly effective in b&w.

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